Another beautiful day at Brown’s Bank

We decided to head to Brown’s Bank on Friday since the weather was going to be perfect and the tides were just right for a day on our favorite sand bar. We planned to meet the Kislauskis’ there and Jenn and Emma came on our boat. When we got there we noticed right away that the water was crystal clear, it felt like we were in the Caribbean! As soon as the three girls got out of the boat, they immediately each found a big star fish and they (and myself) were so excited! Mikey was happy to be there and played with PJ and the other kids most of the day. Later in the day Michael and Paul took our boat and gave Mikey a tube ride and sometimes we could hear Mikey from the shore saying “Dad, stop! Dad, slow down!”, he is so not the dare devil and was nervous he was going to go outside of the wake and Michael being the joker thought it was funny (I had to reprimand him when he got back :), once back on the beach Mikey wanted to go again so you know it wasn’t that bad! We spent the whole day there and headed back at dinner time. Later we had a fire in the fire pit and roasted marshmallows and made S’mores, it was a perfect ending to a perfect day 🙂
The kids found a ton of star fish, we put them back in the water so they would live

The girls with the star fish they found
Mikey actually asked to have a picture taken with me!

Look at those abs of steel! (Isn’t he cool with the starfish on his head?)
Mikey’s silly!


Michael and Paul chilin’

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