Impromptu dinner cruise

Well I decided that I would not take the kids to the beach today because both girls have a bit of a rash on their faces from the sun and the sunblock and thought that a day of getting things done around the house was a necessity! Around 4:45pm Michael asked if I would like to take a boat ride with the girls (Mikey is with Lorne tonight). Not being the spontaneous type, I was like “honey, we have fish….what about dinner?, I am not prepared”, and Michael being the ultimate spontaneous person was like “just throw some snacks in the cooler, whatever….”. As Michael got the boat ready I started up the grill and grilled our fish and packed it up for our trip. The girls were excited as they always are when we go on the boat, they are such water girls! We cruised over to Duxbury harbor and then under Power Point Bridge to the Back River. We stopped in between and had our dinner, pasta salad, edamame and fish. The girls were having fun except for the green-heads that seemed to be all over Elle and she was a bit freaked. The sun was still out and was beautiful on the water, a perfect night for a cruise. Maxie was with us and enjoyed the leftovers and the ride, she LOVES going on the boat and can’t breathe enough ocean air in! I am so happy we decided to take this trip and as unprepared as I thought I was it was a perfect night out, thank you Michael 🙂

Myah with her “diary”
I’m ready…

Happy little Myah

Captain McSteamy…

Birds nest on the back river

Chillin’ eating edamame

Powder Point bridge

Maxie enjoying the ride

Daddy and Myah

Picture taken with the timer set, not too bad!

Gurnet lighthouse


BFF sissies

Maxie with the wind blowing her ears…how cute!

Myah hugging Max…awwwww…..

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