We were so excited to be invited to Nantucket by Michael’s best friend Chris and his wife Linda. We decided to make this a one night trip and Mammy and Papa agreed to stay with the girls (Mikey was with Lorne for the week). 
We left on  Thursday and made the fast ferry in the nick of time I think we had 2 mins. to spare….so typical of us, we are always late!  The weather was overcast but no rain in sight. Chris and Linda picked us up at the wharf when we arrived and we headed right over to Sushi by Yoshi, a wonderful little Sushi place that we love to visit when we are on the Island. We had so many laughs as we always do with Chris and Linda and amazing sushi. After lunch we headed over to the house where we were staying to drop off our bags and then headed over to the beach to see Chris’ brother Rich. The beach was empty since it was overcast and cooler but we had fun hanging out and catching up. 

Michael and I decided to take a walk and took some silly pictures using the camera’s timer. 

Later we headed over to the Nantucket Brewery where there was an awesome acoustic gutair player and lots of people. Even though it started to rain we still had fun, we enjoyed a few Whales Tales and then back to the house for dinner and to freshen up for a night out.

 Okay, I admit that I am old and going out at 10:30pm to see a band isn’t typical for us but we wanted to see my friend Pamela who just happened to be in Nantucket as well to see the same band The Savage Brothers because they are from her hometown. The band was playing at the Chicken Box and it was a crazy place, lots of people and super loud but we danced for hours and had so many laughs! 
We had a wonderful time and 1 night was just enough to celebrate an early anniversary on the Island we honeymooned on 🙂

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