The best $3.00 I have ever spent!

I ran over to Target last night to get snacks for Mikey’s Boy Scout camping week and as I was walking by the $1.00 bins something caught my eye. I remember years ago Mikey had  this putty stuff that sounded like “gas”, or “farts”, whichever you prefer.

I was so excited because I knew the girls would LOVE this stuff and it would keep them busy and laughing for hours.  All for 1 dollar!

When I gave it to the girls, they couldn’t stop laughing each and every time it would make a noise they were in hysterics, Myah even said to me “Mom, can we keep this stuff forever!”. Not only is this stuff funny when it makes the noises, it is just fun to play with in your hands. This morning when they woke up the first thing they wanted was the “Flarp” and the laughing hasn’t ceased a bit! I say two thumbs up for this product!

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