Water wizz!

I thought the kids were perfect ages for Water Wizz and Mikey and the girls really, really wanted to go. So on a whim, I packed up a cooler and took the 3 kids and an extra friend Layne, Mikey’s friend so he could go off and go on the bigger rides. When we got there Mikey and Layne immediately took off. The girls and I hung at the smaller pools and they were very happy swimming around. Elle however was disappointed because she had to wear an life jacket the entire time since she was just shy of 48″, I actually think she would have been at the 48″ but I was like “Elle take off your shoes” because once they are over 48″ you pay $30 not $15 but they can ride on all of the rides, she however is very conservative and wouldn’t go on any of them so we got away with the $15 hence the life jacket.
Elle finally okay with her life jacket
Michael had called me on my way there and said that he would meet me there to help me out with the kids, he knew I was a bit nervous going by myself, how thoughtful and I was so excited to have his company.
Michael surprised me, yeah!!
The girls loved the little kids pool area and they were swimming like little fishies!
When Michael arrived we were eating our lunch so he took off with Layne and Mikey for a bit to ride some water slides. The girls and I got cotton candy (highlight of the day!) and watched the boys as they went down the slides.
Toward the end of the day I asked Elle if she would go on a ride with me and she wouldn’t budge. Myah on the other hand said “I’ll go Mommy!” so off we went to ride a big slide together. They had double tubes so I knew she would be okay sitting in front of me with me holding her arms tightly. The entire time down the slide she was giggling and saying “I love this Mom, this is so much fun!”. Myah was so proud of herself and she wanted to go and tell Michael and Elle that she just did it! She really wanted to go one more time so Michael and Elle walked over with the camera to get a picture of us, she did the same giggling and wanted to go again!

I love Myah’s face, she is so excited!
Mikey enjoying a challenging obstacle

We had a great day and I would definitely recommend Water Wizz for a family outing!

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