Petti-tutu….so fun!

This tutu is just adorable and was inspired by the petticoat that is becoming more and more popular. I start with a Classic tutu and then add extra tulle at the bottom to add that extra fullness. This one is so bright and fun in yellow and Myah loved being my model. I hope to get some photos posted on my website soon but if you are interested in this tutu they are available starting at $30.00, please contact me at, you won’t be disappointed, they are really special.

One thought on “Petti-tutu….so fun!

  1. This is so cute! I've been wanting to make this but don't know how! I know how to make the classic tutu. What did you mean you added tulle at the bottom? Like did you add an extra tulle and tie a knot at the bottom? If you don't mind sharing…

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