Myah is Star of the Day at Pied Piper Preschool!

Myah is enjoying her third year (yikes!) of preschool at the Pied Piper Preschool. She goes 4 mornings a week from 9am-11:30am. We have been so pleased with this school, the teachers are wonderful and the kids get to learn and do awesome things! Myah’s was chosen to be the “Star of the Day”. the Star of the Day takes home the special bag and fills it with things about themselves. Myah filled hers with:
– a baby picture of herself
– a photo of our family
– her favorite book “Sisters” that she and Elle love to read
– her stuffed yellow lab
– a plastic skull (don’t know why, perhaps she too is a Halloween freak like her mom!)
We also had to bring a snack to school for all of her classmates so we made cupcakes the night before. Myah was so proud to go to school with all of her goodies to show her friends and when I picked her up she said “I like being the Star of the Day mommy”, super cute!

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