We love apples and especially….candy apples!

While I was putting the groceries away, the girls found a packet of candy apple mix in the pantry. They were so excited and asked if we could make them….pleeeeeease? Of course I couldn’t resist those cute, excited little faces and selfishly I knew I had a bunch of apples that I would probably end up tossing if they weren’t eaten in the next few days so we got started…

In my opinion the hardest part of making candy apples is the wait….you have to boil the mix, sugar and water and then wait…wait…wait…like 18-20 mins. which to me (and the girls) seemed like a long time however, Myah was in an especially silly mood and kept us laughing.

Once the temperature hit 320 degrees we were ready! I of course won’t let the girls dip their apples or go near this ridiculously hot sugar so they are just happy watching and waiting for them to dry and then cool enough to eat.
Our apples came out pretty and scrumptious and they were all gone by day 2 thanks in part also to Mikey and Michael 🙂

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