2nd Annual Jettsetter shopping extravaganza!

SWD is participating in the 2nd annual Jettsetter shopping extravaganza in Kingston, MA this Wednesday night. I am especially excited because my beautiful, talented niece will also have a table set up with her unique, hand-crafted items!I was unable to participate in the 1st Jettsetter, but I was able to donate this tutu set.  I remember when I dropped the tutu set off, everyone was so sweet regardless of how busy they were preparing for the event and setting up their tables.  The venue looked amazing and there was just such a positive vibe in the air…!

Check out the Jett Foundation website, it’s such an inspiring and a great organization.

Hope to see you there~!

Here is a sampling of the items I will have on my table….

Beautiful Blooms…
Adjustable belts in vintage Jacquard ribbon
Pillows!  A new personal favorite!


2 thoughts on “2nd Annual Jettsetter shopping extravaganza!

  1. Hi Michelle,

    I think you are really creative! I really like your work!:) May I ask how long have you been doing your home business? and what was your previous profession?

    I'm currently working as a science researcher, but am very in love with creation. But due to a need for financial stability, I cannot decide if I should give up my stable job and pursue my interests.

    Hope to hear from you

    Bowie from Singapore

  2. Thank you Bowie! I would love to see your work ! I have been sewing for several years now and it started with gift giving and for my 3 children. I have been taking "official" orders for my items about a year and a half ago or so and I have really enjoyed the ride! Luckily my husband makes a good living so I am able to pursue my passion of creating fun and beautiful things. Good luck and please let me know if you decide to jump in to this venture!

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