Ladies Eastlake Chair redo

When I bought my beautiful Victorian sofa, it came with 2 antique Eastlake chairs.  I didn’t really want the chairs because, although they are beautiful, I knew we didn’t have the space for them in our home and I didn’t want to get “too attached” (ooops…too late!).  I decided to paint and reupholster them and I am listing them for sale on Craigslist (Boston – South Shore – Furniture….I will ship too !).

So I’ve finished the ladies chair which I’ve reupholstered in a fun Leopard print.   I painted the chair as well in a satin black and rubbed with denatured alcohol in certain spots to allow the wood to show through (thanks again to Christa for sharing a video tutorial on how to do this :).

Here are my before and after photos…

This fabric must have been gorgeous when it was first upholstered and clean.  It was REALLY dirty and dingy before I tore it all off!
Icky green fabric was underneath
I love the animal print paired with an antique…tres’ chic! 
Vintage looking buttons in bronze
Deep rich wood showing through the black paint
Brown trim along the fabric
Strong legs with original casters

I think I will do the Gentleman’s chair in furry Zebra print ~ funky!

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6 thoughts on “Ladies Eastlake Chair redo

  1. I think you just devalued it. Why ruin the finish? The animal print will turn off a lot of potential buyers.

    1. au contraire – I bartered with a profesh photog friend and got some amazing business pics – she got a super trendy and cool updated Eastlake 😉

    1. Imagine how unoriginal this world would be if everyone like the same thing? My friend loves it and so do I. But thanks for your opinion, I appreciate your visiting my blog!

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