Splish splash….

Yes, my Cricut obsession continues!  So I cut “Splish Splash I was takin’ a bath” in black vinyl to put just above the tub in my kids bathroom.  I didn’t want the words to be straight across, so I placed them in a fun wave type of movement.

Once the words were up they looked cute enough, but I thought it needed something else.  I decided to paint some water to add a little more fun and color to their light blue bathroom.  Now this wasn’t a planned thing, totally spontaneous and I am NOT a painter.  
With that being said however, I think it came out pretty darn cute !  I mean, if I do, a-hem, say so myself :).

When my kids came in to see what I had done they were so excited.   I must say that I was especially flattered to hear my 14-year old son say to me “Mom, oh my goodness!  You are SO talented, you should be a millionaire!”…LOL !  Thanks Mike !


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