Valentine button collage

I recently made this button heart collage after seeing it at UCreate.  I really LOVE decorating for holidays and wanted to add to my Valentine’s decor.
This project was easy and quick. 
Here is what I used:
– Many multi-sized buttons in red, pink and purple (collected from my big stash of buttons)
– An 8″x10″ white canvas
– An empty 11″x14″ frame that I had painted, remove glass
– A hot glue gun and glue stick
– A bright pink sharpie
I started by drawing a heart on the canvas with pencil.  I filled the heart with the buttons and glue each one in place to fill the heart.  Once the heart was filled I wrote “love you” in sharpie along one side, placed the canvas in my frame and stapled it in place.
Viola!  Easy and so cute!  My 6-year old asked if she could make a card for a friend and she did it all by herself.  Now how cute is this ?!?


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