A 6-layer colorful rainbow cake

Yes I know.  Why?!?!?  Why on earth would I spend my time making a 6-layered rainbow cake for no special occasion?  
Before I frosted it.  I only used a very thin layer of frosting between each layer

Well, it’s because I had the time, all of the ingredients and the kids LOVED it!  I mean, look at these happy faces!   So that’s why !!

My 2 girls and several friends (we got together for dinner recently)
I’m sure there are some that think I may have lost my mind or that I have way too much time on my hands, but these smiles make it all worth the little extra time it took!  My soon-to-be 8-year old even wants a “rainbow-themed” party now because she wants me to make this cake again, I LOVE the idea ! 

A bit lopsided but who’s judging? 
Here is what I used to make this very large cake: 

– 2 packages of white cake mixes (divided equally into 6 bowls to color)

– 2 cans of vanilla frosting

– 1 package of food coloring

– Round cake pans

That’s all folks!

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