A Chandelier transformation…

I have been wanting to hang a girly-sparkly chandelier in my girls room forever, to replace their light/ceiling fan combo.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a chandelier, but the ones I loved where ranging between $150-$250 !

Yes, I love chandeliers, as I have chatted about in earlier posts.  I would actually love to hang a great big one in our bedroom above our bed, but my husband Michael just won’t give up that dang ceiling fan no matter how much I try to convince him how beautiful it would look !  I do secretly agree that I love the fan on super hot nights, so I’m really okay with this :).

So, while browsing through Craigslist one morning, I found the perfect chandelier to transform for my girls.  This chandelier was brass, which I wanted to change, but it was 2-tiered and larger, perfect for their bedroom!

Here is how it looked when I brought it home…

When I picked up the chandelier from this super nice guy Rick, a former antique dealer, he had a ton of awesome things.  I had to force myself to hold off from buying anymore furniture to refinish, but I did save his number and address…just in case :).
I did also buy a smaller chandelier and a really BIG ceiling medallion from Rick.  I’m hoping to redo the smaller one to hang in our bedroom above our window seat, hey if I can’t hang one above our bed, I’ll take the window seat! 
I started this transformation by cleaning and painting the chandelier.  I used spray paint, Rustoleum Heirloom White (pictured is the smaller chandelier).  Painting took several coats and several days.  I also painted the ceiling medallion a bright white.

I purchased lots of clear, crystal beads from Michael’s and strung them from each arm of the 2-tiered chandelier.  The beads added so much sparkle! (didn’t take any photos of this step).
The next step was electrical, and this my friend is all new to me!  Well, other than the little teacup lamp I did earlier, which now seems like nothing compared to this project, but I guess it’s all relative.
All I can say is thank goodness for my amazingly-smart-can-do-just-about-anything-do-it-yourselfer Dad, he was my electrical GURO !  I called him SO many times with SO many questions about fuseboxes, wires, switches, etc., he even started answering his phone “Hello, electrical hotline” LOL.
Thanks Dad, you’re the best !!
My hero…<3
I started by removing the existing ceiling fan…(this perfectly good light and fan will replace the one in our son’s room since his fan doesn’t work properly, this is how I could justify all of this work).

And yes, I did feel like a Rock Star!

Next, I needed the help of my 14-year old son Mikey to install the celing medallion, he’s such an awesome boy….

Thanks Mikey !
Turns out the medallion was too heavy and wasn’t going to work easily in their room so I purchased a smaller, lighter one from Lowes.  (I did have to fill the multiple holes I drilled while trying to hang the bigger one, but that part was easy!).

On to the last step, hanging the chandelier !  This part took yet another trip to Lowes and the help of my handsome, cooperative, patient and loving husband Michael.
Thanks Honey, I know I drive you nuts with my projects!
Once we hung the chandelier it looked SO pretty!  Michael also changed the switch to a dimmer, I was so impressed and proud of him cuz this is all new to him too !

Our big question now….Is it going to work ??  (Can you imagine if it didn’t…all of this work ?!?)

Both Michael and I held our breathe when I flipped the switch….

And we cheered because it actually worked !!  YIPPEE!!!  Now how’s that for teamwork ?!?

Our girls were also very excited when they came home from their friends house to see their new pretty light hanging above their beds.

Crystal beads I added from Michaels
I just love how it turned out….*sigh*

I really enjoyed transforming this chandelier and I look forward to doing something completely different with the smaller one so stay tuned !
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11 thoughts on “A Chandelier transformation…

  1. Thanks Katie and it wasn't too bad. For some reason however, I am having lots of problems with the smaller chandy, the paint isn't sticking….hmmm..! Thanks for visiting!!

  2. I love this transformation. I have a chandelier that I want to do the same thing to. You have totally inspired me. I am your latest follower. I would love for you to stop by my blog and follow me back. Thanks so much.

  3. Prettyyyy! I love chandeliers too. I have big plans for our sunroom, that includes a white and sparkly chandelier too. I laughed that your Michael won't give up the ceiling fan in your room…..because Michael was disgruntled about ours going in the sun room too. He has this whole air-flow theory going in the house. lol But it's just not as pretty, as the chandelier will be! 😉

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