The inspired tree…

Beginnings.   Strength.   Wisdom.  Stability.   Beauty.   Growth.   Youth.
There are endless symbolic meanings for trees.

{and all good things too}
So, when I saw this picture while flipping through the most recent PB Kids magazine, I fell in love with their tree mural.  The magazine said that the mural was made with paper too which is pretty cool considering paper does come from trees {and I didn’t need to tell YOU that!}.
{source PB Kids}
Recently after moving my girls room around {yet again}, there was a large blank area of their wall just above their dresser and mirror that I didn’t know what to do with.  I tried hanging pictures, shelves, etc. but nothing seemed to work, so I just left it blank.
But after seeing the PB Kids tree mural however, I knew that would be the perfect spot to make my girls their very own tree.
Here is how their wall looked….
It just looked like it needed “something”
This is how I made the tree branches.

I started lightly penciling my branches on the wall, starting from the slanted part of the ceiling.  Now, I am no artist or painter by any means, so this is totally something anyone could do!  If I didn’t like one of the branches I had penciled on the wall, I just lightly sprayed it with 409, wiped it off and started again.  

Once I was happy with my tree branches, the fun part began!  I mixed a few different green acrylic crafting paints together to get the right color green. 
Then just started filling in the pencil lines with my green paint.

After my branches were dry, I highlighted them with a lighter green and painted little leaves here and there.  It’s certainly not perfect, but I was pleased with how it looked. 
I made several little tissue paper flowers in a mix of pastel colors.   I left a longer “tail” of floral wire on each flower so that I could tape the flowers onto the branches.
Here is my girls wall now….

When my little ladies came upstairs to see their new mural they were both so excited!  They LOVE surprises, especially when it comes to “their” room.

And I LOVE being able to give them these little surprises that are easy, inexpensive, and from my heart.

I love the feel of the tree’s branches and the colorful flowers, reminds me so much of Spring even though it’s not feeling much like spring around here!

I told the girls that we can change the flowers each season and in unison they said “Yeahhhh” !!

This entire project cost about $3.00!

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