Kingston Yacht Club shoe bench

I’m wondering ??  Is it just our family or do you also have a BIG problem with the amount of shoes you have in your home ?!?  I will be the first one to raise my hand and say “yup, I’m guilty of having too much footwear”.   I’m especially a big sucker for cute heels and boots. 

Whatever,  it could be worse
So, we have a big ole’ bench in our kitchen.  I found this bench at an estate sale 6 or so months ago for only $15 !  When I brought the bench home, we immediately filled it up with all of the shoes that had collected in our kitchen entrance way.  And there it sat…..

And this is only scratching the surface!
I had originally placed the beat-up-dingy-looking-bench behind our kitchen table so it wasn’t in plain sight.  
My husband however,  moved it to a spot just beside the front door to make it easier to get to (yes, I know it makes more sense here, but in this spot it is VERY MUCH in plain sight !).
So our shoe bench has been sitting here, in it’s new spot for months now.  I guess I have just gotten used to it’s appearance, I mean it does it’s job holding most of the kids shoes which means they aren’t spread all over the kitchen and living room floors, and that makes this Mamma happy.

Buuut, and you knew there was a BUT right ?!?  I recently decided to do something about it’s icky condition. 
I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with the bench, that was until I saw Miss Mustard Seeds Union Jack Dresser ( this woman is just amazing ) !  
Then a great big lightbulb went off !  
I thought about painting an American Flag on my shoe bench, but I am not a detailed painter by any means.  How would I paint all of those stars ??  Oh, and the stripes and straight lines, yikes !!  

Fuggetaboutit !  
So I got to thinking.  It’s just about spring and we have all been enjoying the recent sunny days here in Massachusetts.  We are eagerly anticipating spring, warmer weather and then our favorite….summer !!  We are BIG summer activity people.  We love biking, taking walks, planting in our yard and we especially love the beach and boating !
For several years now, we have belonged to the Kingston Yacht Club, a boating community club that is rich in history as it was created in 1885 !
KYC flag
Now, our yacht club isn’t what you may think of when you hear “yacht club”.  There are no Thurston Howell’s or Biff’s and Buffy’s attending meetings and events in their Argyle sweaters and Nantucket red khakis.  No, our yacht club is a group of down-to-earth, super casual, cool folks and familes who may own a boat, enjoy being a part of the annual KYC events and want to meet other people in the boating community. 
I decided that the Kingston Yacht Club flag would be perfect for this project, and I got right to work ! 
I started by removing the brass hardware on the lid of the bench, then sanded and stained with Minwax stain in Provincial.  I painted the bottom and sides a soft off-white { while my sleepy dog hung with me and snored…. – see left πŸ™‚ }.
Once the paint was dry, I drew an outline of the flag in pencil (I used the KYC flag as a stencil).  
Using my steadiest hand I painted the flag. 

The “K” was done using painters tape.
So I forgot to take a picture before distressing my painted flag and glazing the entire bench with Ralph Lauren glaze in smoke. 
Here is how it looked after that step.
Yes, it’s beat up a bit with cracks here and there, that just adds to the charm πŸ™‚
I lightly distressed the edges too. 

I used Benjamin Moore Stays Clear acrylic polyurethane for the top of the bench, this stuff is super strong and SO shiny! 

Now, I don’t mind our bench sitting beside our front door.  Our KYC shoe bench fits in perfectly with our nautical beach home by the bay.

All this work and Maxie is still snoozing…really Max ?!?  Ahhh, to be a lazy dog…

Oh, and speaking of Argyle, this is Minnie.  Minnie and Maxie are BFF’s.
Ah, clearly…<3

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2 thoughts on “Kingston Yacht Club shoe bench

  1. Oh Girlfriend!! The SHOE ISSUE….is something I talk about ALL of the time. Just walk in my front door, and you will know we struggle with this! Play sneakers, good sneakers, construction boots, snow boots, church shoes….it's crazy!! We do have a plan for the shoe problem. But, it's just one of those projects that is 'on the list'. Lord, will I be happy, the day I don't see those shoes!

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