My birthday rap song

I guess you could say that I am a bit of a goofball.
I’ve pretty much been a goofball my entire life.
My husband and I are perfect for each other, he is also a bit of a goofball and I LOVE that about him.
 We find joy in being silly with our kids.
Life is too short to be “too serious”, loosen up!
Last year, on my 42nd birthday while blowdrying my hair, I made up a little “birthday rap”.  Don’t ask why, it just sort of came to me ?!?
My kids loved it, my husband did too!
We all know this “rap” by heart after singing it often over the past year.
Yesterday was my 43rd birthday {yikes!}.  My girls and I made a video singing the birthday rap.
If you are so inclined to view our video, I hope it makes you smile.
Happiness is a choice.  We choose happy!
Here are the lyrics in case you couldn’t make em’ out with my phat rappin’ accent…

I gut my hair cut and colored to hide the grey

I can’t believe I turned 43 today

Life goes by so fast, yeah it seems to fly

If I could turn back the time would I – Heck NO, you know why??

I gut my husband, kids, friends and family

My life is where I want it to be

I gut some lines on my face and no young chick swagga’

But I’m blessed beyond belief and the rest don’t matta’

{bom biddi bang de bang bang da boogie woogie}

– Peace out peeps!

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