An old roll-top desk makeover

I have been so busy lately, and have been putting off this post. 
I am keeping this short and sweet, cuz I am still busy and have loads of laundry! 
Anyway, I found an old crappy desk at Savers last week.  The desk was marked $49.  I had my 30% off coupon in my purse, so that brought the desk down to $37.  I couldn’t pass that up!!
I paid for the desk that day, but didn’t take it home because the back of my SUV was loaded with crap!
I went back the following day with my 14-year old son, I needed his help because this desk is heavy!
Here is what the desk looked like when we brought it home.

It isn’t solid wood like I originally thought, but some parts are and it is structurally sound and strong and again $37! 
I knew I could make this desk pretty, even with my husbands “Honey, you sure you want to do this?!?  It’s gonna be a lot of work!” (he was probably really thinking….Ah, honey??….there are piles of laundry that need to be done.  But, luckily he DIDN’T say that cuz he knows that “them there of fightin’ words”! LOL).

{Not sure when my hubby is going to start having faith in me AND as far as the laundry….sheesh, that can wait!}.

The first thing I did was remove the hardware then I cleaned, sanded and primed the desk and drawers.

I was so happy it was in two pieces, that made things a lot easier to work with.
Here is how the desk turned out.  I used an oops Behr paint I had never even opened, it’s a warm blue (it was only $5 for an entire GALLON!!).

I also glazed the desk and protected with Stays Clear.

My husband and I loved the desk so much we decided to put it in our daughters room.  It even came with a light and working bulb!
Glazed with RL smoke
I love the original hardware…may eventually paint white but for now I am loving it.
I painted the roll top with the blue and then “white washed” – looks very beachy

My little chickies were SO happy with their new desk, they just LOVE surprises and lately it seems like I am giving them lots of them!  Stay tuned for my Pottery Barn inspired board.

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One thought on “An old roll-top desk makeover

  1. Oh-my-gosh! I SO relate to your header! I too am Michelle/Shelly. My parents named me Michelle 'cause "it flowed better w/ my middle and last names" but as far as I know, I've ALWAYS been called "Shelly".

    I too am Shelly at heart – Always have been; always will be. No desire to change Shelly to Michelle – I already FEEL old enough – lol!

    To this day, I sit in dentist office waiting rooms and totally tune it out when they call my name. I know it's Michelle; just takes a minute to register.

    Anyway, just had to share. I stumbled upon your blog when I spotted your desk on Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Feature Friday. When I clicked on your photo and your blog header came up, I literally laughed so loud, my daughter came running to see what I was reading.

    I'm in the process of creating a blog, maybe I'll name it "Shelly, not Michelle" (just kidding, I have a name for it) but I can SO relate to the whole Michelle / Shelly thing!

    ps – The paint job on your roll top desk turned out really cool! I can't wait to get my workshop finished so I can join in on the fun!

    a hui hou – Shelly

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