Recent finds…

My husband and I have been crazy estate/yard-salers lately.  We have also learned the hard way, that the early bird truly DOES get the worm {or the dingy boat, or the cool, old metal locker bins, or that old wooden Pepsi crate and neat black fan…whatever, we’re over it and have moved on 🙁 }.
We decided to set the alarm last night, so that we could head out bright and early this morning and hit a 9am yard sale we’d been eyein’.  Of course we had to promise donuts to our kids so they wouldn’t be like “awww, a yard sale again!?!?”

Oh, BTW, we aren’t really your typical “early birds”.  You know, the folks that come by at 7:30am for a 9am start??!!   Now THAT just irks me!  We are way more respectful than that!  We got there at 9:03am, with donuts in hand.

So here is what we’ve recently found….
This old wooden Tomato box – using to store our bunny and bird food

Old, chippy door hardware – not sure yet what I’ll do with em’, I just loved em’

1945 shutters – these are HEAVY and they were only $3 each!
I’ve been looking for one of these old doors for so long.  This one is from an antique home in Duxbury (circa 1940’s) with old brass hardware.  Only $5!

Petite, pale pink Lenox pitcher, perfect to use as a vase! (now say that 3 times fast!)

 I’ll keep you updated on what we decide to do with our picks.

Well that’s all for now!  Happy pickin’!

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