Friends, lil’ dogs, pirouettes, tutu’s and cute shoes!

Recently, my parents had some friends up from Florida for a visit. When I say “friends” I mean “life long” friends.  My Mom and her friend Donna have been friends since the day they entered the world.  According to my Mom, they were born in the same house.  Wow!  I never really asked if they were actually “born” in the house, but you get my point.  My Mom and Donna have been friends for-ever!

Anyway, Donna and Tommy came up to Massachusetts with their adorable little furry girl Molly.  Molly looks a bit like Toto from the Wizard of Oz, but much more girly and proper.  You see, Molly is a Princess, and she is SO sweet.  When they came to our home for a little cookout get-together, I pulled out a lil’ light pink doggie tutu I had made and we put it on Molly.  Molly just LOVED her tutu and sported it all evening long, just like a proper Princess should.

Molly can even pirouette and she showed us several times.  See video below.

We were all so impressed ! {Never underestimate the power of a doggie treat people, that petite lil’ girl know’s how to work it!}.


My parents also have an adorable little Princess.  A long-haired Chihuahua named Tia Maria.

Tia Maria also has a custom-made-SWD-doggie-tutu, but decided not to wear her’s this particular evening.  Tia just “wasn’t in the mood” to wear a tutu, and you know how those Chi’s can get!  **humph**

Tia Maria is also very much “a princess” and is loved and spoiled beyond words.

My sweet girl and Tia Maria

I jokingly say that my parents may have more baby pics of Tia than they do of me — since I am the third child AND the third girl and all.

{ I know Dad, most of my baby pictures are on slides…I just like to razz ya a bit! *wink*, *wink*}

Tia brings immense joy and love to both of my parents and I SO love that.

Yeah, maybe I’m just a wee bit jealous of Tia, being the baby and all.  I guess you just never grow out of that! LOL.

And here is our lil’ princess Minnie….

She doesn’t like tutu’s very much, or any clothing for that matter.

I’ve tried putting cute little doggie outfits on Minnie, but each time I did she would hide almost like she was embarrassed.

So I stopped trying to dress her and humiliating her that way, it was much too stressful for the poor lil’ girl.

And even though this post is about lil’ dogs, I couldn’t go without posting a picture of our not-so-lil’-dog-Maxie {with a little stuffed Chihuahua in her mouth…nice Max!}.

Look away Tia, it’s not a real Chihuahua….

Okay…so back to my post.

And….cute shoes!

Whoop, whoop!

I picked up these cuties yesterday at DSW.

My girls were fabulous at helping me pick out shoes they thought I would like!

I mean, after 45 mins. or so of me trying on shoes, they kinda got the vibe….

{seriously, I spent the day school shopping for them so I didn’t feel too guilty!}

So here’s what we got…

Love these Jessica Simpson ballet flats, so girly!
Super cute “Report” black flats with an adorable flower…I’m a sucka for flowers!
Love these grey Big Buddha flats...perfect for the fall

Thanks for your help girls ~ what a fun girly day we had!

My sweet lil' girls...

And here’s Molly, the Tiny Dancer in action {turn on your volume, a video is always better with music}…

6 thoughts on “Friends, lil’ dogs, pirouettes, tutu’s and cute shoes!

  1. What an AMUSING post! I was in constant , from beginning to end! Cute shoes! The grey ones looks so comfy. I was not expecting to be that impressed with the video footage. I mean really..,,,it’s a dog . Dogs don’t dance. But by golly, those were genuine pirouettes! You were right about turning up the music. I almost cried. ; )

    1. Hahahaaa!! You made me laugh out loud sister!! I think I may have even ROFL’ed!!!
      Thanks for visiting, commenting and for your continued friendship and support!

        1. Not a chance on converting me!! ; )

          I just had a weak moment. BTW, that was…..’constant giggle mode’. I put it in brackets…must have been seen as html, or something. I don’t normally forget to type TWO words. It was late, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t 2:30 a.m.! Anyhoo…I’m here to see about that moss you used for a project.

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