Life-size, Duct Tape Mummy

Well this is definitely on my top 10 list of super fun projects!

My little girls and I decided to make “life-size” Mummy’s of themselves this year for Halloween.

We just LOVE Halloween and each year we get so excited to add to our Halloween decor collection.

I know, I’ve said this before.

We also love working with Duct tape!

Ya know, being Girl Scouts and all.

We did make a large sized Mummy last year using plywood as a base if you remember?!?  If not, you can see that post here.

The Mummy came out great, we got lots of ooohs, and ahhhs, and even a few screams LOL, but unfortunately, we ended up leaving that poor Mummy outside for months after Halloween.

Needless to say, it was filthy, water-logged and even more heavy than it was to begin with.

My husband and his friend ended up burning it in the fire ~ I found this out AFTER it was already ashes.

{ Hmph }

So we decided to try again.

I had my 6-year-old “live mold”, my youngest and most eager volunteer!

I will try and explain best I can, but I’m hoping that the pictures will pretty much tell the story.

So here goes…

We started by finding an old loose t-shirt that my daughter was not interested in wearing EVER again.

Then, I just wrapped my little girl with duct tape strips.  I made certain not to wrap her too tightly so A.) she could breathe and B.) so I would be able to get this off of her when I was finished wrapping.

Because we used a t-shirt, I put a Stop and Shop plastic bag around her arm, just where the sleeves end and continued to wrap her up.

Once her upper body was completely wrapped, I took a pair of scissor, held the shirt away from her skin and carefully cut up the entire back.

**you have got to be super careful not to poke or cut your child’s skin with scissors during this step**

We repeated this step again for her legs, she wore a pair of old leggings.  I decided to wrap her legs together because I knew it would be easier this way.

Next I taped the back of the torso using duct tape.

And stuffed it full of old newspaper.

(I used a large wooden spoon to work the newspaper into the smaller spaces like her arms)

I repeated this step for the legs.

Then taped the torso to the legs using more duct tape!

Here’s how the Mummy looked at this point….

Time to move on to the head…

I was just going to shape a head out of newspaper and duct tape, but Myah insisted I use her actual head instead!

Ahhhh, okay?!?

I used an old knee-high and placed it on Myah’s head.  I made sure to make a hole for her nose so that she could breathe!

I know right?!?  She is very accommodating for these projects!

I didn’t cut up the back of her head…God no!

We just gently worked the knee-high off of her head, then stuffed with more newspaper.

I used a wooden dowel we had lying around for the neck.

I used an off white twin sheet and cut it into 2-3″ strips.

Then I just wrapped and tied until the entire Mummy was covered.

(I used the entire twin sheet)

I wanted the mummy to look realistic so I decided to also use cheese cloth.

I didn’t want the Mummy to be bright white, so I stained the cheese cloth using tea bags and water.

I just boiled the water, added a handful of tea bags, removed them and let the water cool off.

Next I placed all 6 yds of cheese cloth into the pan, swooshed it around, wrung it out and hung it up to dry.

I covered the entire Mummy in cheese cloth by cutting strips, wrapping and tying.  You can’t mess this up!

Here is our finished Mummy….

Myah was thrilled with the results.

I crossed the arms and tied them together with a strip of cheese cloth.

My 8-year old was also excited to do a Mummy of herself.

We haven’t wrapped her’s yet because I ran out of cheese cloth.

Now time to get my hands on my 14–year old!

At just about 6′ 9″ I think my husband would also make a great life-size Mummy.

That would take a LOT of duct tape!

Hmmm….I’ll have to work on that.

It’s really true!  You can do just about anything with Duct Tape!

Such a fun project ~ such a fun time of year~

What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Life-size, Duct Tape Mummy

  1. OMG, I love it!  Lexi asked about your mummy from last yr. cuz she wanted to use it for the cook party, I said Mike got rid of it but I figured you would make another.  How awesome of an idea!  I knew you couldn’t not have one for Halloween!  Great job!

  2. Wow! Thanks for the ideas. I am going to make one to put in my classroom as after Christmas my class of 7/8 year olds are going to be learning about Ancient Egypt. Wish me luck! X

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