Two chandelier make-overs.. .

I got this solid brass chandelier sometime last year from an antique dealer.

The same day I got this chandelier for my girls room.

It was in pretty rough shape, missing a few pieces and needed a good cleaning.  But, it was structurally sound and it worked, or so the antique dealer guy told me.

Turns out he was right ~ it works!  Thank you antique dealer guy!

I wasn’t too concerned about it’s physical appearance  however, because knew I was going to change it.

This chandelier is on the smaller side so I decided it would be perfect to hang above my sewing table in our office/crafting room.

I started by spray painting the entire chandelier in Heirloom White (one of my very favorite white spray paint colors and sorry, I can’t find the picture).

And I hung it up above my sewing machine table for a while.  And it looked lovely.

But recently, I decided to re-paint and transform it into a non-electric outdoor candle chandelier ~ using 1/2 pint mason jars.

Here is the transformation in pictures…..

I started by removing the bulb holder and cutting the electrical cord.

Using 2 pairs of pliers (or whatever these are called), I bent and re-bent the bulb holder thing-y until it broke and just kept the screw piece.

Sorry for the lack of technical terms.

Next, I spray painted the entire chandelier black.  Once it was dry, I spray painted here and there with a copper color spray paint I had.  I like that it’s not a solid color, makes it look more bronze.

Because this screw piece stuck out from the drip trays, I needed something to place on top so that my little mason jars could sit nice and flat.

I decided to use the inside metal part of the mason jar lid…makes sense?!?  I labeled the photo cuz I knew I would have a hard time explaining this one!

While the glue to the metal pieces were drying, I placed the mason jars on each one to give it more pressure.  Next I glued each mason jar onto the metal pieces.

I let this dry for about 24 hrs. or so before I hung it outside, just in case.

Placed a tea light into each jar and waited for the sun to go down.

I LOVE outdoor lighting ~ it just adds such ambiance.


And recently while we were preparing for Hurricane Irene, I moved my candle chandelier indoors and hung it in our kitchen bay window.

I love candlelight indoors as well ~ it provides such a warm, romantic feel.

And  moving on the chandelier number two…

I got this beauty at Savers for $4.99 ~ lamp shades included !!

I know right?!?  It was marked $9.99, but with my super shopper card I saved 50% ~ gotta love that!

Here is the transformation….

Spray painted with Heirloom white <3

Once it dried, I added some blingy beads in clear and green to add some sparkle.

Then hung it above my sewing/crafting table.  I really love my light and catch myself in a “chandelier trance” several times a day!

I think I will change the lil’ lampshades, but for now I am happy.

Thanks for visiting!

2 thoughts on “Two chandelier make-overs.. .

  1. The outdoor candle chandelier is such a good idea! it’s so romantic! Plus the indoor chandelier, I can totally understand y u go into a  “chandelier trance”! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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