Creepy! Halloween acid mirror

So, this idea has been in my head for a while now.

We are BIG Halloween people and every year we decorate a LOT for the season.

We have a Halloween party too, so I like to add more decor each year – both creepy and not-so-creepy things.

I prefer creppier myself, my kids do too although they are big chickens and won’t go upstairs by themselves.

{this is NOT because of my creepy things, they’ve been like this forever!}

Anyway, have you ever visited Mandy over at Vintage Revivals ??

The girl does some A-Mazing things!

If you have, you may already be familiar with her tutorial on making really cool and chic acid mirrors.

Or, you may have seen her speak about them on the Nate show!

Yup, she was on the Nate show, she’s pretty much a Rock Star!

I just LOVE the mirrors she makes.  I have actually tried her technique about 8 or 9 months ago, but I think I left the Muratic acid on my big mirror too long and ended up with a big ole’ sheet of glass – no mirror to speak of what-so-ever!

 So, I’ve decided that to try this technique again, and this time to make a creepy mirror for Halloween.

When I told my kids about the idea, they loved it so I decided to try it out while they were at school.

The Muratic acid can be a bit creepy to work with, so I didn’t want the kids around it. Better safe than sorry right ?!?

So here is how I made our creepy Halloween acid mirror.

I started with an old mirror I found at Savers.

It’s says $5.99, but I actually got it half off!

Next, I removed the mirror from the frame and followed Mandy’s step-by-step instructions here.

This time I did what Mandy suggested and rinsed every few seconds as to not take away too much of the mirror.

Once my mirror was to my liking, I rinsed and dried it off and set it aside.

Then I started on the back side of my mirror frame.

{this will be what you see through the parts of the mirror that were taken away by the Muratic acid}.

I decided to use old piano sheet music and this kinda creepy photo I got from the Graphics Fairy.

My 6-year old thought this would be the creepiest!

I have to say, I kind of agree with her!

 So using my sheet music, a paint brush and Mod Podge, I covered the entire back piece of my mirror frame.

Then I applied the creepy photo in the center the same way.

And here is how it looked….

Next I got out a few red Crayola crayons.

This idea came from my friend Laura over at Our House of Joyful Noise.

Laura and her family made a beautiful melted crayon canvas using all the colors of the rainbow and it came out just beautiful!

She is another AMAZINGLY talented girl ~ photographer, artist, crafter, home-schooler and much more!

I just love how they did their canvas here and how the crayons melted down.

Kinda like bloooood.

{I know, I’m sick.}

So, moving on the the blood….

I laid newspaper down and placed my mirror on top of it.  Then I taped my crayons to the top part of my frame.

I decided that my “blood” drips would start too low, so I decided to tape the crayons directly a few shingles on our house where I was working.  I placed newspaper behind the crayons so that if they splattered, I wouldn’t splatter our shingles.

(my husband will be pleased about this.)


Next, I took my old embossing heater tool.  I bought this years ago and don’t think I ever even used the thing, it was perfect for this project so I’m happy I kept it around.

This next part was fun, I just turned on the embossing tool and held it up to the crayons and they slowly started to melt.

And drip.

Like bloooood.

{ insert evil snicker }

After a while, I decided to take the crayons off the side of the house, hold one in my hand and carefully moved it to spots that needed more blood.

And that was that, here is my blood-dripped acid mirror.

I spray painted my wooden mirror frame with a black satin and distressed it just a bit.

Then I put all the pieces back into the frame, added the hanger and hung it in our living room.

Here is how it looks all finished….

My husband was here when I hung it up and said “The girls are going to freak out when they see that, it’s SO creepy!”

{ insert BIG grin here }

Yes it is my dear, yes it is!

See how you can still see a reflection in parts of the mirror in this picture ??

And her eyes ???

{ insert shudder here }

I can’t wait for the kids to come home !!

I also melted some red crayons on a few Dollar Store candles to put in our bay window.

So what do you think ??

Too creepy ??

Do you like creepy or nice or both ??

Thanks for looking!

4 thoughts on “Creepy! Halloween acid mirror

  1. That IS very creepy!! Her eyes DO freak me out. lol. I do not like creepy. My kids do not mind creepy at all, but I’m a big baby. A friend of mine on Facebook was freaking me out with her doll, “Miss No Name”. OMGosh. She put her picture on my wall!! >> I HAD to remove it. I told her….I just can’t take that stuff. I was afraid I;d have night mares that night. LOL. My friend was having a ball, scaring the dickens out of me. lol. Anyway…..very good job on the project. TOO good. Lol. Thanks for the mention. Blood with crayons….creative indeed.

    1. LOL LLR! Hope you enjoyed your B-day today!! Thank you for the inspiration! I like creepy and sweet, even if the creepy does creep me out sometimes too! I was working on a styrofoam head last week while Michael was traveling and I totally got the heebie jeebies! Thanks for the comment and for visiting!

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