Halloween inspired painted wine glasses & my love for the Dollar Store!

For the past few years, we have been hosting a Halloween party for our family and friends.

I start decorating weeks before, and I usually add new items as I think of them.

I love it, and so do my kids.

I was going to make some cute Halloween-ish wine charms this year using memory wire and beads, but instead I decided to go another route.

An easier route in fact.

I picked up a bunch of wine glasses at the Dollar Store, gotta love the Dollar Store!

I already had Deco Color paint pens in lots of colors!  I have used these paint pens to paint glasses before, so I knew they were relatively easy to use, with very good results.

So I nixed the wine charm idea and decided to paint some Halloween-ish things on the wine glasses.  This way, our guests will still be able to decipher who’s glass is who’s and they are more unique than wine charms.

Here is how they came out.

My two daughters even joined in to help me out, they LOVE to craft too!

I had them paint on the stemless wine glasses however, less of a chance for breakage.  They did a good job huh?!?

Oh, and speaking of the Dollar Store.  Look at the cute Mummies I made using glass pillar candles, cheese cloth and googly eyes….

I think they are adorable and they were so inexpensive to make!!

Trust me, I like scary decor too and will be posting some creepier Halloween projects soon!

Thanks for visiting!

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