Halloween road sign

Once I saw this awesome road sign made by Angie over at Burton Avenue, I was instantly in love!

photo - Burton Avenue

Look at those colors and fun fonts!

I love Halloween.

Yup, I’ve said this before!

Anyway, Angie’s inspiration came at the most perfect time because I had 4 scrap pieces of wood, left over from another project that were still laying in our yard like this….{x’s 4}

And Halloween is just around the corner and all!

I started this project by pulling out our Miter saw and googles.

I cut each piece of wood into various lengths and made a “point” to one end.

I went through my collection of paints, chose some fun Halloween-ish colors and painted each piece of wood.  Then painted once again to ensure the wood was covered.

Next I used my Cricut to make my stencils.  I used different fonts and sizes just for the fun of it!

Once all of my names were on my boards, I painted over my stencils using white or black paint depending on the color of the sign I was working, I wanted the names to “pop”.

Once the paint was semi dry, I pulled away my stencils and the words did indeed “pop”.

After the words were completely dry, I decide to sand over the entire piece to make the sign look worn and weathered like this…

And this…

I found an old broom handle and attached each sign to it in various directions.

And here is my finished Halloween road sign….

I didn’t want to completely copy Burton Avenue so I made this sign to fit our home, and our upcoming Halloween party!

Thank you for sharing your awesomeness Angie!  Love your blog and I hope you don’t mind that I’m a copy cat!

I just couldn’t resist!!

Happy Halloween!

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