Blogging, social media and my “un-staged” life.

I started blogging in 2008.

I thought a business blog would be a great venue to share products I was working on and to keep my customers updated, etc.

Oh, and hopefully to drum up some biz.

I blogged about tutu’s, handbags, flowers, Onesies and about the people who purchased them.

I posted pictures of my girls in our “photo shoots” as well, because they are so darn cute and they always love to be my little models.

Ya know, the fun stuff.

My blog became another creative outlet for me, because in addition to my “crafty side”, I have always love writing letters, poems and putting my thoughts into words.

{I know, I’m not a professional writer, but I do speak from my heart}

As my blog evolved, I started sharing more and more about my home projects, crafting, about myself and my family.

I recently merged our family blog with my SWD blog because it was just too hard to do both.

I love blogging and sharing things I have made.

I also love to share things about my home and my family.

I view my blog as a web journal I suppose.

I also enjoy following other blogs where I gets lots of amazing ideas and inspiration!

I hope my blog inspires others as well.

However, blogging and other social media can be deceiving.

You can basically “BE” anyone you want to be behind your computer screen.

You could create the perfect job, car, home, family, whatever.

On Facebook we are connecting with people we may see day to day, but we may also be connecting with many folks from our past.

Some of whom we haven’t seen in 20+ years, and with a good chance that we may never “see” them again.

So we typically choose to share the good.

Happy thoughts, status updates, pics, etc.

I know I do.

Who doesn’t like to hear good news??

Hopefully each one of us can honestly say that there was some “good” in their day.

In each day.

And who doesn’t enjoy pictures of beautiful families and of rooms perfectly decorated and put together ?

I know I do.

But it isn’t ALL about “good”  or “perfection”.

There is stress, deadlines, housework, errands, schedules, homework, appointments, illness, disappointments, fevers, bad news, wrinkles, death, and tears.

You know, that little thing called

            L I F E.

As I was applying my makeup recently, I got to thinking.

Thinking about my day, covering up some imperfections with concealer, getting excited to visit my daughters first grade class and looking forward to my husbands return after a business trip.

Then I covered up some more imperfections and those dreaded age spots.

I got to thinking about my blog too.

About what I want to portray on my blog about myself and my life.

My goal is certainly NOT to try and portray the perfect woman.

Or the perfect wife.

Or the perfect Mom.


Cuz I’m sure as heck NOT!

We are NOT the perfect family.

We do NOT have a perfectly clean home.

And this is NOT what I want my blog to resonate to anyone reading it.

Now I’m NOT saying that I embellish my posts or status updates at all!

NO, all of what I write and share is genuine and true.

I’m relating to some of the images on my blog, especially when it comes to our home.

Cuz images can be powerful.

I mean, look how Pinterest has taken off!

{Oh, and maybe my face of course, but show me a woman who doesn’t “stage” their face each day with a little makeup, concealer, mascara, lip gloss ?!?}

So basically,

My bedroom just about NEVER looks like this….


And our yard NEVER looks like this….

{never really did actually, I totally Photoshop’d the grass!}

I realize that all the good status updates and perfect pictures on a blog, etc. may sound like bragging.

May even make some people feel badly or less than.

I admit that I have TOTALLY felt that way at times.

I mean life is full of stresses.

To be this or to be that.

To have a perfect family, the perfect home, children, white picket fence, etc.

To be a size whatever and wear this or that.

But is that really what is most important ??

I am a big blog follower and I admit that while I enjoying surfing blogs, with their beautiful pictures, perfect vignettes and rooms, that little voice in my head screams…

” Why the heck are you on this computer when your house looks like this ?!?!? “

But then I think about my own blog and my “staged” shots.

How I totally “stage” most all of my blog images, especially when it comes to the tidiness of our home and my products.

I mean, who has time to have things picture perfect ?!?

Certainly not me!

Cuz life is hectic and crazy and full of unexpected circumstances.

So unless I am expecting company, things sometimes get put on the back burner (i.e. laundry, making beds, etc.)

Just ask my Mom or any unexpected guests, they’ll tell ya.

My home is NOT like most of my images portray on my blog, on a day to day basis.

Are you kidding me ?!?

This is what our home looks like on any given day.

Our normal, day-to-day, “un-staged” life….

Unmade bed (s).


Laundry piles.  Always.

You betcha!

Trash that the dogs got into and spread all over the place.


A dead mouse, our cat wanted to share with us.



And if I’m being real honest….


Yup, my 40-something year old wrinkles that I’ve been blessed with from a lifetime of emotions.

Laughter, happiness, love, milestones, silly faces, tears, joy, pride.

I’m certainly NOT perfect and hope that my blog doesn’t portray that.

And I hope I don’t sound like a bragger, rather someone who is passionate about creating and sharing fun projects.

That is why I started this little blog of mine in the first place.

And I will NEVER apologize for tooting my kids horn when they do well.


Because, I am a proud Mama.

A happy wife.

A daughter.

A sister.

A Mama of three.

A real Housewife.

A crafter.

A DIY’er.

A scattered gal with 10 projects going at any given time.

A Girl Scout Leader.

A child of God.

A very blessed woman.

Yeah, I may have a messy home most days and some lines on my face.

But I wouldn’t change a dang thing about it!

This is my L I F E.

My “un-staged” L I F E.

And I’ll take all of it ~ the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly.

{ well, maybe minus that little dead mouse }

{ via Pinterest }

8 thoughts on “Blogging, social media and my “un-staged” life.

  1. Totally agree! Especially about the saying at the end 🙂 My house is untidy too! Everyday! B’cos we both work, but well.. no excuse :p Yet my husband just loves taking pictures of before and after, and post them on FB. So all his friends know how bad our house can look like. But I have never shown it to my side of friends, unless they are really close :p Trust me, it can be as bad as what I jokingly refer to as, post-robbery. Haha.. So don’t feel bad Michelle! 🙂 It’s ok to post only pretty pictures 🙂

  2. My blog like my life is a crazy mess. Piles of laundry and half finished projects, that show that we live here and are always moving and changing and doing! Thanks for the honesty, it is good to know that I am not alone.

    1. No Becky, not alone by a long shot! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, so appreciate it! I’m gonna hop on over to yours now!

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