A Frenchy chair ~ personalized for our family

On a recent trip to my favorite store Savers, I came across this dingy, but beautifully-structured wooden chair….

Yeah, it was pretty bad, dirty, torn, icky.

So bad in fact, that I wouldn’t even bring it into the house.

I stored the chair in our shed until I was ready for the makeover.

I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with this chair.

Originally I thought that I would make the chair over and then list it on Craigslist and hopefully sell it like I did the funky zebra Eastlake chair.

But I really, really love the wooden details, the arms and the wide seat.

I knew I didn’t want to part with it, and to eliminate any desire to do so, I would personalize the chair to fit our family.

Yup, I decided to keep it for myself.

Oh, did I mention I only paid $6.99 for this??!??

I know, crazy!

So, I’m sure you have seen those pretty French document fabric chairs and pillows right?

They are eveywhere.

Ballard Designs

Pottery Barn


Restoration Hardware

Stitch a Wish Designs (LOL)

Don’t you just love typography??  I do, and especially love how you can personalize it for your home.

So, I broke out my mask and my gloves and got to work prepping my chair for a makeover.

Mr. Wiggles hopped on over to see what I was up to…

This was hands down the ickiest makeover I have ever done!

The foam was SO old that it was pouring out of the chair like an orangey-powder.


I replaced the burlap covering the springs, the foam and the batting.

AND cleaned that sucker up real good!

I was already feeling better and even removed my gloves to paint the chair.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint would have been ideal for this chair, however I was fresh out so I improvised using an off white latex.

Then I heavily sanded the entire chair.

I wanted to give it a washed, Restoration Hardware feel.

I printed out words relating to our family and transferred them onto my fabric using the Citrasolv technique.

Then I placed my fabric in position, cut, stapled, pulled, tightened, stapled and repeated for the entire piece.

Once my fabric was secured, I hot glued an off-white trim to cover all of my staples, and there are A LOT of em’ !

Here is how she came out….

Now I just need to find a spot for it.

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