Happy Halloween! {a day late}

One of my favorite holidays Halloween!
I just love transforming our home festive for Fall and then into a little Halloween haven.
I just love all of it; the cute, a bit scary, a little gory, getting dressed up, pretending, being a kid-at-heart again and enjoying the festivities with my family and friends.
Our kids talk about Halloween all year and what they are going to be, although that changes by the month.
 They have already told me what they want to be NEXT year !!
Well, our girls that is ~ our son is just about 15 so he’s all set with dressing up.
My husband really enjoys it too, although he may at times think that I am just-plain-off-my-rocker as he watches me from his office window spray painting Barbie dolls?!?
{can you guess who the Barbie on the right is ??  Hint – “oops, I did it again” }
Or watching me decoupage a styrofoam head to make a creepy life size lady….
He say’s “yes, you’re a little bit crazy, but in a good kind of way”
{ source Pinterest }

Halloween is so much fun around here and yup, crazy!

It’s infectious.
It’s good. clean. fun!
My girls recently made rolled Halloween sugar cookies and decorated them all by themselves!  They did a great job too!
We were decorating, baking and cooking in preparation for our annual Halloween party which was this past weekend.
Our family and friends came by to celebrate this fun holiday with us.

The children as well as ALL of the adults came dressed up and honestly, I’m not sure who had more fun doing so!
There were SO many clever costumes and it was so fun to see all of the different characters walk through the door!
A total crack up!
We laughed, ate, enjoyed putrid punch and Halloween spirits.
Some of us even danced the night away.
What a wonderful night.
Thank you all for weathering the storm (literally), for your generosity, friendship and priceless memories that will last a lifetime.
Halloween night was fun too, although I had and still have a horrible cold, hence my posting Happy Halloween on November 1st!
My little girls trick-o-treated with their Daddy.
And my son stayed home to scare the little kids with his Gorilla suit
{he was nice, really!}
{via Pinterest}
And I stayed at home with my Mama, in my warm house and handed out the candy.
I hope you had a safe and very Happy Halloween!

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