Santa baby, hurry down the chimney…

Well look who arrived a bit early at our house this year…

Who, but one jolly ole’ soul wears bright red pants and fuzzy trimmed boots ??….

Who else, can belt out that unmistakable, boisterous HO HO HO ?!?

Yup, it’s the red-cheeked, chubby ole’ Saint Nick himself….

S A N T A   C L A U S E !

Straight from the North Pole!

Well, okay more like straight from my supply stash, but you get the point.

Poor guy though, looks like he may be a bit stuck in our chimney.

Guess we’ll just have to leave him there until he starts to shrink a bit.

Then he will he get his cookies and milk!


I saw this idea for Santa legs at a local restaurant last week.

I just LOVED it the moment I saw it and knew I wanted to do one too!

Their Santa legs were placed inside the fireplace, like he was standing.

But because we have the gas stove, I had to improvise, at least until we actually need to turn the stove on!

So here is how I made our Santa legs and let me tell you, it is really simple.


Supplies needed:

:: Red fabric or felt (I used felt)

:: Filling for the legs

:: Pair of black boots (I used an older pair I didn’t wear)

:: White fuzzy trim (available at most fabric stores)

:: Hot glue


I started by cutting 2 pieces of red felt, stitched up one side, making two “tubes” for the legs (you could also skip the sewing and just hot glue a seam).

Then I stuffed each leg using my filling, but not “too stuffed” cuz I wanted the leg to be able to “bend” into the fireplace.

If you do want to make one to stand in your fireplace then I would suggest stuffing more, so that the legs will stand upright.

Next I hot glued the white fuzzy trim onto the top of each boot.

And stuffed each pant leg into the boots, no need to glue the legs into place.

Then I placed the top part of the leg beside our stove and into the fireplace, manipulating the felt so it wouldn’t stick up.

And repeated for the other leg.

And that’s all!

It was a 20 min. project and the kids just LOVE it.

I think he’s pretty cute too and it adds a bit of fun to our Christmas fireplace and mantel decor.

What do you think ?!?


**DISCLAIMER – if you do decide to make your own set of Santa legs, please do NOT leave them in, beside or anywhere near your fireplace or stove when it is lit, Santa’s legs are EXTREMELY flammable ~ and that’s NO Joke!

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8 thoughts on “Santa baby, hurry down the chimney…

    1. Thanks Janni! Mikey just proof-read my post and had lots of grammatical changes – I need an editor! LOL. Love you lady!

  1. What a funny post and great idea for santa legs—Bless his heart for TRYING to get down the chimney!

    Visiting via: Fingerprints On The Fridge today 😀
    Smiles, Suzanne in Snowy NW Illinois

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