15 min. Ruched American Girl Tunic

So we know how much $$ American Girl dolls cost right  ??

And our daughters just LOVE them right ??

And you can’t have dolls without clothing right ??

So, I’m not bad-mouthing the American Girl company, I actually love their products and love how my girls enjoy playing with them.

I do however, have a problem spending more $$ on a dolls outfit than I do most of my own.

I mean, they’re dolls !!

Yup, just kind of crazy $$.

Well, I’m so excited to show you this ruched tunic I litterally whipped up in under 15 mins…seriously!

Best part ???

I used all scrap fabric and trim too !

{ it’s actually made from drop cloth scraps }

I recently watched a video tutorial over at Freckled Laundry.

Jami’s blog is awesome and so inspiring, with SO many awesome ideas !

{ I just LOVE when I find a blog that makes me want to sew or create, don’t you ?? }

So, after I watched Jami’s Ruched Ruffle Video Tutorial I just had to make something.

I picked up a spare piece of fabric and a strip of elastic and got sewing.

It was so easy to make a beautiful ruffle AND without the hassle of attaching a ruffler foot, gathering a long stitch, etc.

I decided my scrap fabric ruffle was probably the right size for a dress or tunic for an American Girl.

I headed upstairs and grabbed one of the dolls.

Strangely, it was a perfect fit !

I just added some lace trim to the hem to pretty it up, and 2 ribbon straps which I tied as a halter.


Legit, 15 minutes!

I think I will also make a video tutorial just to show you how easy this is to make, and will post it as soon as I do.

So, what do you think ??

Think of all the possibilities !

I think McKenna looks pleased, don’t ya think ??


And of course I had to make something for my other daughter’s A G doll Kaya…

Thanks for stopping by and thank you Jami for inspiring me !!!

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