BIG project reveal ~ board & batten

I gave a little sneak peak a few posts back about a BIG project I was working on.

Well, I am finally all done and ready to reveal !

This project is something I’ve been wanting to do for a very LONG time now.

I finally mustered up enough courage to actually do it!

Think it was the Dremel I got for Christmas from my hubs.

I was just itching to use it !

This was time consuming, but not a hard project to do.


Have you ever heard of board and batten molding ??

Well, it’s pretty basic molding, but certainly adds a BIG impact on an otherwise plain wall.

Our ceilings upstairs are really high, about 10 feet, so I thought the board and batten would be perfect for this.

You know, to break up the feel of those walls that go on forever ?!?

The walls were also long overdue to be repainted after 10 years of fingerprints, dings and scratches.

I decided it was time.


 This transformation took me about 3 days, which includes painting, etc.

However, the trim itself only took me about 4 or so hours.

FYI ~ I did this project,

All.  By.  Myself.

{ and so very proud of it if you couldn’t guess }

Yup, there was NO testosterone to be found during this transition.

My husband was off working hard, and my son was off chillin’ with his friends and enjoying the 2 days off from school.

It was totally cool.

I actually really wanted to do this project alone because;

(a)  I could surprise my husband when he returned, since he didn’t know anything about it.

(b)  Everything was ALL my choice and;

(c)  I’m a strong woman, hear me roar !!

{ arg arg arg !! }

BUT, I did have a couple of little girl helpers during the process handing me tools, nails, a sandwich, sip of water, my phone when it rang or chimed and my hands were wet with paint, etc.


I tried my best, when possible, to photograph this transformation.

{ most all of the photos were taken using my IPhone cuz I was too “in the zone” to grab the “real” camera }

I don’t want to get too wordy, but I do want to try my best and explain how I did this trim.

You know, just in case you want to try it for yourself, which I totally think you should !

I mean, if you’ve been wanting too that is.


So, here goes.

Our hallway before….

The original walls were Benjamin Moore ~ Yellow Freeze.

{ a very subtle, pale yellow color }

I really like this color, but after 10 years I kinda wanted a change ya know ??

PLUS, this is also the color in our master bedroom so you can see why I would become tired of the color.

The first thing I did was remove all of the picture frames and hardware from the wall.

Then filled in the holes ~ there were lots !!

Next, I taped where I wanted the boards to go using painters tape.

I am a visual gal, so this gave me an idea of what it would look like, as well as making it easier for me to measure how much wood to purchase.

I originally thought I would make this 5′ high, but while at Lowes, they had pre-cut pine boards in 2″ x 4″ x 4′.

I decided this would be a nice shortcut for me ~ less to cut !

Here is a list of materials and tools I needed for this project.

Some things I had, other things I purchased at Lowes.


:: 15 – pre cut 2″ x 4″ x 4′ pine boards

:: 3 – 2″ x 4″ x 8′ pine boards

:: 2 – 1″ x 2″ x 8′ pre-primed MDF

:: Liquid nails

:: 2″ box of finished nails

:: Paintable caulking

:: Spackle

:: Gorilla wood glue

:: Painters tape

:: A Dremel hand saw or miter saw

:: Tape measurer

:: A Level

:: Hammer

:: Power drill

:: Primer/paint

:: Oh, and a cute little helper or two is also a great tool !!


Myah, my happy little helper.

My girls were snapping photos with my phone.

I do look VERY intense ya think ?!?

Ha ha ha ha

I cut all of the boards with my Dremel INSIDE my house.

It wasn’t too messy, nice clean cuts and surprisingly little dust.

I vacuumed several times also, which helped.

I filled any nail holes and seams with caulking and/or spackle

I applied liquid nails to the backs of each board, positioned on the wall, nailed with finished nails (into studs when possible is important!), then taped with painters tape until dry.

Once all of the boards were level and attached to the walls, I started painting the upper walls.

I used leftover paint from our kitchen by Benjamin Moore called October Mist.

I figured to save some $$ I would use what we already had, plus I really love this green color.

I did add a little white to 2 of the darker walls, you can hardly tell but I can.


Then added the 1″ x 2″ MDF board to the top of the horizontal boards to make the “shelf”.

{ sorry, no pics for this }

Then I primed all of the pine boards and painted using

Benjamin Moore Dove White, a soft, warm white.

LOVE this color !

I also filled any holes and primed in between the boards to cover any imperfections.

Unfortunately I didn’t wipe the caulking with a wet towel BEFORE it dried.

It is almost impossible to sand off once it is dry, but I did manage to get a good amount off.

My two helpers decided to try painting.

Minnie looked on in wonderment ?!?


Not too bad right ?!?

So, here are the after pics….

BIG difference huh ??

I finally framed our new family pics and hung them on the first wall since they are the most recent.

I made this My Mich Elle sign using an old board I literally found on the side of the road.

I just cleaned it up, but didn’t paint or do anything else to it since I liked the beach-feel it already had.

BTW, My Mich Elle means this:

My ~ for our youngest Myah

Mich ~ for Michael, Michelle, Michael (Mikey)

Elle ~ for our middle lady Elle

Just didn’t want ya to think it was about me !!


I kept the mirrored wall Yellow Freeze because I LOVE the “Believe in yourself” quote and I kind of like the green with the yellow as well.

So, what do you think ??

Would you attempt this alone ??

I think you should.

I know you can.

{ but if you do, please don’t tell your husband I told you too k ?!?! }

Oh BTW, Michael LOVED the molding!

Thanks for stopping by !!

I LOVE comments, they make me do a happy dance


{ sorry to all that have already seen this, I just had to…}

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23 thoughts on “BIG project reveal ~ board & batten

  1. I LOVE this!! What a great job you did! I have a hallway like this upstairs (with almost same color paint) that I now want to do this to. I also like the pictures on the wall..think I may “steal” that idea as well! 

  2. I love when you post projects you have worked on….so inspiring & beautiful. Went to college with Kate Herman Kennedy & that is how I came across your FB site. I copied your beach towel/sand bucket/flip-flop idea and gave as a birthday present last year. Huge hit. Again, thanks for posting. My daughter will be going to kindergarten in the Fall & I’m really looking forward to attempting some home decorating projects myself. Thanks for sharing your talent & amazing projects :). – Nicole from New York

    1. Oh thank you Nicole, and thank you for commenting 🙂 Kate is awesome, I miss seeing her since Olivia isn’t in our GS troop this year. I love getting ideas from people as well so I totally take it as a compliment! Hope you come back and visit. Take care.

  3. Unbelieveable!!! What talent you have 🙂 It looks awesome and I am amazed how simple you make it look. I also have to comment on your old sewing machine, my grandmother has one just like that and believe it or not she still uses it! Looking forward to seeing more of your projects 🙂 Keep them coming…

    1. Thanks Felicia! I really wasn’t hard, honestly, but I appreciate your sweet comments. Wow, your grandmother still uses hers? So cool and I just LOVE mine. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. It looks fantastic- well done!! Love the yellow wall with the quote too. I’m a DIY girl too!! Would love for you to come share at my decorating link party-going on at my blog all weekend! 🙂

    1. Thanks Linda! It really wasn’t hard, seriously. I think the measuring part was definitely the hardest for me, but the rest was like a puzzle and it was a lot of fun doing it with my girls and when Michael was away. Thanks for commenting!! Hope to see you soon!

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