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When I saw this “Buy Fresh” painting in the most recent Home Decorators catalog, I was smitten :).


The just love the vintage feel, the colors, the bunting, the tomato, the words.

 I just loved it all !

However, I did not want it in the size they were offering, which is far too big for the little bit of wall space we have left in our kitchen.

And it was pricey too, at over $200!

So, I decided to make my own, but with a spin.

I used a 12″ x 16″ canvas and the technique I used for my husbands canvases, via Ashley’s tutorial at Lil Blue Blue.


I started this weeks ago, then put it away cuz I wasn’t loving it.

My letters that is.

I really loved it when it was just the bunting and the tomato, but then I had to make words.

And that’s hard for me, cuz’ I am NOT a painter.

I know, I’ve said this before.

So, with that being said, please keep in mind that I DID NOT use my Cricut, or any other type of stencils for my wording.

It was all free-hand, and I don’t have a steady one!

Anyway, I like how it came out.

Especially if I stand back a bit,

and squint just a little.

I know, the lettering could be better.

I used our upcoming 10th wedding anniversary date.

 My favorite thing on this canvas by far is the tomato.

Thanks for stopping by!


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3 thoughts on “Home Decorators knock off canvas

  1. You did an awesome job.  I love when I find inspiration and can replicate it.  Thanks for sharing at DIYbyDesign’s Winter Blues Wednesday party.

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