Taming Sally

I recently made these two Everything in Moderation totes.

They were ordered by a sweet mom for her two lovely daughters.

Funny, seems like I haven’t had many bag orders lately.

As a matter of fact, the hand-stamped items and tutu’s have become my most popular items.

Just as well, my sewing machine ( Sally ) has been a bit fickle lately.

{ not sure what her problem is now ?!? Ugh. }

Luckily though, I was able to tame her long enough to get these bags sewn together for me.

{ thanks Sal ! }

I used bamboo handles in place of fabric ones, I really like how they look with this bag.

So, do you have a name for your machine ?

Is she/he as fickle as mine ?!?


Well, gotta run.

” Since Saftler’s closed, I’ve gotta call Sergio to see if he can look at Sally, stat ! “

Now try and say that 5 times fast !



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