44 years old, say whaaaa ???

I recently celebrated another birthday (44…yikes!).

So as promised in my earlier post, below is a video of my new “birthday rap song”.

My daughter Elle (9) accompanied me on this one.

Yup, it took us a few times, and yeah it’s not perfect, but hey, we aren’t rappers after all.

Just some gals having fun.

It’s silly, a bit goofy, but I hope you enjoy it just the same.

And here are some outtakes….funny to me, maybe not so much to anyone else!


My lyric’s just in case you couldn’t understand my thick slang…

I was born in ’68, to parents I adore

That was many years ago, in fact 44

I am the youngest of three girls,

Yeah, the baby of the fam

Wonderful child memories, and now here I am

I am a grown woman now, a happy Mama and Housewife

Making a home by the sea,

Just livin’ a good life.

Yeah, it’s true I’ve got aches and pains I never had before,

But I can still do a split, on my kitchen floor.

Readin’ glasses, yeah, I got ’em,

Gravity ain’t on my side.

My skin reads like a road map,

Those dreaded age spots so hard to hide.

But yo, I aint’ complainin’,

No, it’s just the opposite.

For an aging ole’ lady,

I’m still pretty strong en’ fit.

I’ve got a tall, dark and handsome,

6′ 8″ to be exact.

Three amazing little kids,

Two doggies, and a cat.

So, yeah I’m gettin’ older,

But my glass stays half full.

Cuz I’m a blessed, happy, woman

Life is simply beautiful.



Oh, and if you missed my 43rd rap, it’s here.

Peace out.

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