B.E.A.M. of Hope

On March 30th, four local High School students and one bus driver from Silver Lake Regional High School were involved in an awful car accident.

Silver Lake is the school district in our hometown, where all three of our children go to school.

I remember that Friday morning vividly, it was beautiful and sunny with that “feeling of Spring” in the air.

I was busily preparing and excited for the Artisan show I was set to attend the following day.

Then news of the accident came via email as well as a recorded telephone call from the school.

We learned that all three kids; 1 boy and 3 girls were all Juniors from our High School.

Our son is a Freshman at the High School and honestly, one of my biggest fears is the thought of him driving in the near future.

This just frightens me to death, and I’m sure I’m not the only parent who feels this way.

My heart broke for all of those involved; the teens, the bus driver and their families.

 I could only imagine the terrifying feelings the parents must have felt when they heard the news about their children.

I don’t know any of them personally, but being a Mom and a parent, makes news like this so much more frightening.

And when it hits so close to home, your heart just goes out.

I wondered if the kids were excited about the Junior Prom on there way into school that morning, as the Prom was planned for that evening.

Unfortunately, all four kids would miss their Junior Prom, as they lay in their hospital beds with very serious and critical injuries.

The students at SLRHS decided to create a B.E.A.M. of Hope fund.

{ the kids names are Brendon, Eva, Aliza and Monica }

This fund was established to try and help defray some of the medical costs these families incur daily during their child’s recovery.

B.E.A.M. buttons and t-shirts are available at the HS, with all proceeds going directly to the B.E.A.M. fund.

It’s amazing how much the community has joined together; students, faculty and families to show their strength, love, prayers and support for all involved.


I also felt compelled to do something for these families, and that’s when the B E A M hand stamped disks came to mind.

It’s something small that I could do, but it’s something.

My original thought was to make 20, which was all the inventory I had on hand.

I made one necklace per family at first and delivered them to the school.

The school had bins set up and labeled with the students names for donations, etc., so I knew they would be able to get the necklaces to the families.

I planned to stamp 16 more, which I would donate and the students could sell, however after posting a picture of the B E  A M necklace on the SL Together Facebook page, the response was very positive, as was the interest in purchasing them.

After speaking with my husband and asking him for his opinion, Michael said “just order more supplies and make as many as you can, I’ll help you”.

So, I ordered more supplies and added a page to my Stitch a Wish Designs website where the necklaces can be purchased via Paypal.

Creating this Paypal link helps me keep track of the B E A M orders separate from my SWD orders, ensures I won’t over sell my inventory on hand, and makes it convenient for anyone interested to purchase a B E A M necklace for themselves.

I’ve sold several necklaces so far, and I plan to keep making them as my supplies and time allow.

My husband and I will donate 100% of the proceeds directly to the B.E.A.M. of Hope Fund separately.


My thoughts and prayers continue to be with the teens, driver of the school bus, and the families each and everyday.

If you would do the same, I’m sure they would welcome and appreciate it, as the kids are still recovering and have a very long road ahead of them.


These necklaces are available on my website here.

I will start fulfilling orders this week and will deliver them packaged and labeled to SLRHS.

If you order(ed) a necklace, I will email you separately letting you know when your necklace has been delivered.

Thank you for reading and for your support.


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