Fun with GIF ! (a tutorial)

GIF files are all over the web.

You know those fun animated web banners and web ads that seem to move ??

Yup, that’s a GIF.

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format, I learned that thanks to good ole’ Google.


An animated GIF is a file that contains a set of images that is presented in a particular order.

You can loop this file, to continuously repeat, add speed time, etc.

I was playing around today with some pictures and wanted to share a quick tutorial to show you how you can animate your pics into fun GIF files using Photoshop Elements.

My kids just LOVED seeing themselves “in action” and we all had fun taking the pictures.


Here is Elle riding her new bike…

And our Disco Queen…

Watch Myah’s ice pop disappear like magic AND without a nasty brain freeze 🙂

Here’s Mikey jumping for joy…FAST and over and over again !

Phew, I get tired just watching this.


So here’s how I easily made my animated files using Photoshop Elements.

{Just an FYI ~ I’m no techie by any stretch of the imagination, which I’m sure you’ll get that after reading this}

:: Start by selecting a few pictures you want to animate.

I specifically chose photos taken in sequence and somewhat in motion, knowing I wanted them for GIF files.

::  So select your group of pics and add them to Photoshop Elements like this…

Next you need to make layers, one layer for each photo.

Make sure they are in the right order, if not move them around by simply dragging and dropping.

NOTE:  the layers should appear in descending order (i.e. layer 5, layer 4, layer 3, layer 2, layer 1), this is correct.

Originally, I moved mine to ascending order and my animation started backwards.

::  Next you want to select all of your layers.

I did this by clicking on the first layer, then hold shift and clicked on my last layer, which highlighted all of my layers like this…

::  Next, click File and Save for Web like this…

::  Select .GIF, animation, loop and delay time like this…

::  Click okay, name your file and hit save.

And that’s all !

I know, so simple yet so complicated looking.


Of course I wanted to see my files in action right after saving, so I opened my file.

Nothing happened, because GIF is meant to work on the web.

So I simply added my GIF file to my blog and guess what ???

It worked !!

I was very excited.

It’s the little things 😉

So, I hope this helps you out if you’ve been wanting to create your own, fun GIF files for yourself using PSE.

{ If you don’t have PSE, there are websites out there where you can create your own animated GIF’s for free, however I’ve never used them personally } 

If you do use my tutorial, let me know if I’m missing anything.

Oh wait !!!!  

I know exactly what’s missing…

It’s a

or two…

Happy Friday folks!

Thanks for stopping by !

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