Vintage-inspired pink bike

Once I saw this photo via Pinterest (thanks to my cousin Trish), I immediately pinned it and became a wee bit obsessed with finding me a vintage bike to do something similar.

Isn’t she lovely ???

Oh my, just love it.

But after perusing Craigslist, I got frustrated.

Most of the vintage bikes I found were much too nice and pricey, to justify buying one for the sole purpose of spray painting it to use as a “prop” in our garden.

So, I kind of put the idea out of my mind.

That was until a few weeks later, when my husband surprised us all with a brand new bicycle for our youngest daughter Myah, and the idea was reinvigorated.


{ let’s rewind a bit }

Myah got a pink 20″ NEXT bike from Santa in 2009.

At the time, the bike was a too big for her to ride, so we stored it in the shed to keep safe until she was big enough to ride it.

In the meantime, she road a smaller bicycle.

It turns out, the the bike wasn’t very safe in that shed.

For some reason, unbeknownst to my husband or I, our 13-year year old son (at the time), thought it would be a good idea to dismantle Myah’s new bike for parts, in order to fix his own bike.

Ya, we were not very happy about this, especially because this cute, pink, vintage-inspired bike that Santa brought for Myah never really worked properly after that.

Yeah, kudos for Mikey for being resourceful and trying to fix his bike on his own, but really ???.

In Mikey’s defense though, he did try his very best to put his little sisters bike back together.

More importantly, he really felt badly about what he did to the bike.

Myah was able to ride that bike several times, but then it was kind of forgotten, since she had become so attached to the smaller bike.

Needless-to-say, the cute, pink bike was left out in the elements to become rusty and even more pathetic.


Okay, so I’ll admit that I’ve secretly had my eye on this little rusty bike since pinning that picture on Pinterest.

I mean she’s the perfect size for a garden, has all the elements of a real vintage bike;

the fenders, the handle bars, the wide seat…oh my !

Of course, I would NEVER take my daughters bike from her.

NO I wouldn’t ! 

( as much as I may have wanted to, hee hee )

I promise I did NOT say anything to my husband about my evil thoughts, he brought that new bike home all from the goodness of his heart, not to appease his crazy DIY wife.


However, I’m no fool.

I did tell Michael IMMEDIATELY after bringing the new bike home to ” keep the old bike honey, I want to use it for something, k ?

I could hardly wait to get started !

The next day, I took a can Ballet Slipper pink spray paint and “got busy wit it”.

Then added an old bike basket I found last year at an estate sale and some flowers.

Here is what that little forgotten, rusty bike looks like now….

Elle filled in for Myah and wanted to pose with the bike.

Myah was at a birthday party.

So what do you think ??

My husband doesn’t “love” the whole concept, but he doesn’t hate it either.

My daughters and I (even Mikey), think it’s perfectly pink and pretty.

And once our garden is complete, I think she will be the perfect addition to it.


Have a wonderful weekend.


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