Ceiling medallion wall art ~ DIY

You may have seen these pretty works of art floating around the web and Pinterest….

{ source for all four photos }

They are actually ceiling medallions that were used as wall art.

So pretty right ?  I just love how they painted some and grouped them all so differently.

So a while back I picked up a really large ceiling medallion from a local antique dealer.

It was the same time I purchased the 3-tier chandelier for my daughters bedroom.

You can check that post out here here if you’d like.

Anyway, this is how it looked when I brought my goods home.

I like the cream color, but not the gold accents…yuck !

It was pretty dingy, but otherwise in perfect shape and for a big sucker at 24″ round, it only cost me 5 bucks !!

I know, a total steal !

My intention was to hang the medallion along with the chandelier in my daughters room, but it was much too large for the space, so I purchased a smaller one for my girls at Lowes.

I figured that one day I could use the medallion in our kitchen over our large table if and when we ever decided to hang a pretty chandelier.

It has been leaning up against the wall in my husbands office since.

Yup, no chandelier for my kitchen.  But, it’s okay, not sure I even want one anymore.

Especially after seeing all of the inspiration online lately.

I decided to use my medallion as a piece of wall art for now.

And who knows what the future holds.


My beautiful niece is getting married this July and had asked to borrow the big antique frame I had made into a chalkboard at her wedding (I was flattered).

Here is the chalkboard hanging in our kitchen.

We update it here and there with messages for our family, for birthdays and for holidays.

Of course I was more than happy to let Danielle borrow it, but when I took it down, there was a big empty space on our wall (and screws and holes).

I really needed something to cover it up, see…

FYI ~~ Not sure if you’ve noticed, but the trim around the left hand window is hand-painted by yours truly.  

I know it looks kind of cheesy, but it’s much better than the gapping hole our builder left us with.  We plan to have

that trim added this summer, as well as the trim on the bay window (right hand side) also needs updating.  

Just thought I would tell ya in case you noticed 🙂 ).


So here is the transformation from ceiling medallion to wall art.

This was a quick project and I really love how it turned out, you can judge for yourself.

I had previously painted the medallion white, so here is what I started with for this transformation.

I wanted to fill in the drill holes before giving it another good coat of paint.

I thought I would start by using some spackle, I mean this stuff is used a LOT here in our home with all of my ADD redecorating !

The spackle worked okay, but you could still see the indent of the hole a bit.

it’s tinted spackle, dries white when ready to sand and paint which is pretty darn cool


I used some white puffy paint and just dabbed a small amount over the indent.

This stuff is fun and really does dry “puffy”.  Originally I thought I would use it for the center to add more ornate details, but then had an even better idea.

To cover the center, I cut a paper plate the same size.

Then took out my Mod Podge and glued a pretty paper doily to the circle.

In hind sight, this doily wasn’t necessary because I covered the entire center but didn’t think I was going to at first.

folding over the edges.

Next I hot glued the plate/doily to the center of the medallion and started glueing little

sea shells along the edge to cover up the line.

I continued glueing these cute little shells and added others as well until it was all covered up like this.

Pretty details huh ???

I thought it was so gorgeous when I first brought it home but I love it even more now, so white and crisp.

The shells add such a cute touch too and fit in with our nautical decor.


Here is how it looks on the wall where the big chalkboard used to hang.

I brought the Lazy Shelly inside since it’s been raining like crazy here the past few days and I haven’t sealed it yet.

I kind of like how it looks on our kitchen table too.


Up close.

So that’s it.

You can find these at any home store; Lowes, Home Depot, etc. and they do go on sale.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen them at Savers, estate or yard sales, but you can bet I’ll be looking more closely now.

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3 thoughts on “Ceiling medallion wall art ~ DIY

  1. Looks great! I love your unique approach at covering the hole. What did you use to hang this on the wall? I have been wanting to put some up in my living room, but I can’t figure out how to hang them. Thank you!

    1. Hi Amber, their were little little holes in the plastic and I just added some strong wire and hung it directly on the screw in the wall. Does this make sense ?!? Sorry.

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