Driftwood candle holder & rainbows

Have you seen driftwood candle holders on the web like this…

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and this….

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I just LOVE the rustic simplicity of these driftwood candle holders; so organic, beachy and simply beautiful.

I’ve used driftwood several times for various projects like my driftwood jewelry holder.

And the driftwood sailboat I made for my husband for Christmas.

 And the driftwood and shell trees too.

 My friend even made me a beautiful driftwood mirror for Christmas….

I just ADORE this little mirror.

There are just SO many things you can make using driftwood, right ??

Well, I decided a candle holder would be a relatively quick and easy project.

In fact, I had all of the supplies I would need, and figured it would look so pretty on our table for the summer months.

All year round for that matter!

Here is what I used.



::  A good piece of driftwood

:: A drill

:: A bit for the drill that makes larger holes (not sure what it’s called, picture below)

::  Tea lights

::  Glass candle holders (optional, but I wanted to use them)


Here’s the drill bit thing I was talking about….

So this was a super easy project, you literally just drill the holes for each glass candle holder, place in the pre-drilled hole, then fill with a tea light, light and enjoy!

** My glass candle holders were a bit wider than my drill bit thingy would make, but I just moved my drill side to side until it was wide enough **

Pretty easy right ?!?

and SOOO incredibly pretty all lit up, especially at night.

It’s all about the ambiance.



So, here is how my driftwood candle holder came out.

I really love how it looks on our deck table.

Hope you think so too.

I decided to use the glass candle holders because I figured the tea lights would have a better chance staying lit outdoors if there was a breeze.


It started to storm a bit and rain hard, so I brought my candle holder inside and placed it on our kitchen table.

I really loved it inside as well.

( next to Mama duck and her three lil’ ducklings )

However, not as much as I loved seeing these amazing rainbows after the storm…


A double rainbow and the one to the right was one of the most vibrant we have even seen over the bay.

We saw three more after that too, it was so amazing!


The rainbows were just fascinating and we felt so incredibly blessed to witness their stunning beauty.


Have a wonderful day.


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