Mosaic Lazy Shelly ~ DIY

This is definitely an inside joke.

The Lazy Shelly thing.

I know it’s typically referred to as a Lazy Susan, however my husband has had more than one girlfriend named Susan, so I tend to change names to

Lazy Shelly, Black Eyed Shelly’s, etc.

You get my point.

And it’s all in fun and we laugh.


The funny thing is, this isn’t really a Lazy Susan at all since it doesn’t turn, but maybe one day I will figure out how to add that feature.

So for the purpose of this post and the fact that I didn’t know what else to call it, there ya have it !

Mosaic Lazy Shelly



Where it all began….

One day last fall, I picked up a FREE gorgeous pineapple finial maple bed from a friend of mine who got it from a neighbor who was moving.

{ I can’t believe I haven’t shown you pictures of the before and after of this bed, I will soon though, it’s in my daughter’s room and it’s really pretty }

Anyway, when I left Patricia’s house with the bed, I just had to drive past her neighbors house to see what other goods were sitting curb-side.

I found and took (shamelessly) a pretty beveled vanity mirror with a broken frame.

I just knew I could fix ‘er up (and I did).


I also picked up some scrap wood and made this sign.

(original post here)

I also grabbed two of these round wooden table tops, minus the base(s).

They were pretty crappy, but structurally good and I loved the size and the round shape so I took ’em.

And here they sat for almost a year.

Don’t judge, this is our wood pile we mostly use for firewood, but sometimes other stuff gets stashed over there too.

Stuff happens.

So if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may know that I LOVE Savers in Plymouth, MA.

Like totally.

I know it’s not everyone’s “cup of tea”, but it’s a bit of an obsession with me.  I’m working on it.

Anyway, next to Savers is a Grossman outlet (I think it’s called Bargain Outlet), where I like to buy any wood I need for my projects cuz it’s good wood and it’s cheap !

My husband Michael and I were in there last week when I came across these cute tiles.

Aren’t they pretty ?  They are slate and travertine and on Clearance for 99 cents a strip !

I just knew I wanted to do something with them, but I didn’t buy them that day since I they were final sale and couldn’t be returned.

I went back a few days later though, when I decided to use one of the wooden table tops and the tiles to make a mosaic Lazy Susan for our deck table.

I figured it would be a great way to cover up a broken piece of wood on the table as well as the umbrella hole we aren’t going to fill this summer.

Here is how it was done.

I started by cleaning off my wooden round table top and took out some liquid nails to glue on my tiles.

Working from the outside inward, and working around the circular shape, I got busy assembling my tiles.

I decided to use a rock my daughter found last summer as the center of my piece.

It’s shaped like a heart which I just adore.

I placed my tiles in somewhat of a pattern, but trust me, you can’t mess this up, there is no right or wrong way to do it.

I was concerned at first because I had a LOT of space between some tiles, but in the end it all worked out.

Here is a picture pre-grout.

Don’t you just love that little heart 🙂

I let my tiles dry overnight and for the next few overnights as a matter of fact.

Guess I was waiting until I was feeling confident enough to mix up the sanded grout Michael picked up for me.

Turns out, it wasn’t bad at all, except we didn’t have the grout-tool-thingy.

A plastic spatula worked just fine though.

“Sometimes you just gotta improvise”

{ my mantra that day }

Plus, I had a cute little helper.

I love that I always have someone excited to help with my projects, and I try my best to give up control and let them.

( which isn’t always easy, especially when it’s messy like this )

After we grouted the entire piece following the instructions on the package, we let it sit for 24 hours.

I wiped off any excess residue from my tiles, and here is how it looks on our deck table.

Love the heart…

I also love that the grout dried lighter.

I was a bit concerned it was too dark at first.

All the colors are so pretty and natural; whites, greens, blues and they feel so beachy to me.

I love the texture it adds to our table and plan to use it as a Lazy Shelly.

Minus the turn capability.

( and the ex-girlfriend(s) reminder )


Thanks for stopping by.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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6 thoughts on “Mosaic Lazy Shelly ~ DIY

  1. Michelle, they have cheep plastic lazy susan’s (sorry) at dept stores. You could buy one and either remove the turn thingy or just glue your beautiful wood to it and not one would see underneath. Just a thought. I love how it came out.

  2. Michelle how is it weathering outside? I was told to seal the table if I ever get to it with a outside uv sealer. What I once thought would be a great project for me and my little helper is getting a bit daunting!

    1. Gretchen, to be perfectly honest, I take it in if it’s going to rain. I haven’t sealed it yet either, Michael said we should.

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