Teacher clocks ~ end of the year gifts !

When I read Whitney’s post on personalized teacher clocks I was sold !

That girl made some really adorable clocks for her kids teachers, and she shares how she did it on her blog Home Delicious.

I thought these personalized clocks would make perfect gifts for our daughters teachers, and I was excited to get started.

I didn’t take step-by-step pics myself because Whitney’s tutorial is great, however, she did add an “update” stating that you should carefully remove the hands of the clock to make attaching paper to the face of the clock much easier ~ I agree and didn’t try it the other way.

On a side note:  I personally like Walmart’s clocks better than Tar-jay because they seemed heavier since they are metal and glass instead of plastic, making it less likely to scratch.  Plus they had more colors to choose from.

So here are the clocks we made for the end of the school year gifts.

We used embellishments like scrapbook paper, sparkly gems and rick rack.

I used my Cricut to cut out the clock numbers and to personalize each clock.

If you don’t have a Cricut or something similar, you could always use the rub-on letters and numbers found at most craft stores.

You could even make your own template in Photoshop too !

I wanted to make a tag for the gift bags using a “play on words” about time.

So maybe a little corny, but I think it’s cute and my girls do too.

It’s like a riddle for them and they’ll say “ohhhh, I get it Mom”.


This is what I came up with.

I also made a .pdf printable for you if you are interested !

You can download it here:

teacher printable


I want to thank all of the teachers who have made such a difference in our children’s lives.

Elementary, Intermediate and High School.

We appreciate all of your hard work, dedication and compassion.

My girls said they are excited about summer, but also so sad that they won’t be seeing you everyday.




Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.


Have a wonderful summer !

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