A Superhero bedroom makeover ~ on a budget!

Recently, I was chatting with a close friend of mine who mentioned she was looking for a painter to re-paint her son’s bedroom.

She said that both she and her son were tired of the pale yellow walls, and she wanted the room to be more like her son, who is now a big boy.

I mean, at 5, Trey is a Superhero for goodness sakes!


At first I offered to help paint with my friend Megan.

I thought it would be fun, picking colors, rolling paint, maybe having a glass (or two) of wine, while we chatted and listened to music.

However, their family was due to leave soon for a family vacation, and with her busy work schedule, a girls painting night just didn’t seem possible.

I told Megan that I would be happy to paint Trey’s room while they were away.

Of course I had to promise I would keep track of my receipts and my time, at which time Megan agreed to “hire” me to re-paint her precious son’s room.

Little did she know, I was super excited for the challenge.

Plus, I just love their family.

Originally the plan was for me to take the “inspiration” Superhero prints Megan bought a while back for Trey’s room to pick out the paint, without telling Trey what our plan was.

But when I went by their home to pick up the prints, Megan decided to tell Trey about the plan.

Trey was very excited, telling me what colors he thought would look good on his walls like red, green, orange.

Megan told Trey that the walls would be BLUE.   I told Trey that my son, Mikey also has blue walls at 15 years old, Trey decided blue was okay.



A few days later, I went to the Benjamin Moore store with the prints in hand, as well as a fabric swatch that would soon be the valences for this room.

Surprisingly, after only about 15 minutes or so I hands-down decided on this color….

Seriously, that is record time for me picking a paint color and I never second guessed my choice.

So, without anymore chitter chatter, here is the

{ I must start by saying, excuse some of the blurry-ish photos.  I forgot my camera most times and used my phone to take most of  these pics. }

My Mom came along to put the room back together, the day they were due to return.

My Mom is just so good at “the details” and was so happy to help.

Megan didn’t give me a budget, per-say, but I didn’t want to spend a ton.

Plus, I love the challenge of finding things second hand AND cheap, that I can make nice again.

I also had things on hand, found items from Trey’s room, as well as from around their home.

I found this wooden shelf at Savers for only $4.99.

I knew right away what color I would paint it ~ RED.

I mean, I had to find a way to incorporate colors requested from the little Superhero right ?!?!

Plus, I had the paint on hand which was a $$ saver.

Bad pic…sorry.

I stenciled T R E Y in navy on the shelf to add a personal touch, then lightly sanded and glazed the entire piece.

Here are some other ways I stayed on a good budget, without compromising design.

I will do a separate post on how I made the growth chart soon.


I had so many other ideas for this room, but I was crunched for time and it was such a HOT week.

Thankfully, there was an A/C in the room.

So how much did I spend ???

Approximately $ 60 !!

Not bad eh ???


I got a call from Megan as soon as they returned from their trip.

She was SO happy and SO surprised.

She was just so sweet and complimentary, telling me I needed my own show.


{ oh stop it….really?? }

Trey got on the phone and personally thanked me telling me he LOVED his new room.

I am very pleased at the outcome, but mostly that they were so thrilled.

Now that little Superhero can sleep in his Superhero room, dreaming up ways to save the world.



So, what do you think ??

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