Painted jewelry box(es)

I’ve had this old jewelry box forever.

Well, at least since I was a teenager, which seems like forever ago.

It’s moved with me at 3 separate times, and the last move it ended up stashed away in my closet.

It’s pretty beat up with dings and scratches, but structurally it’s in pretty perfect shape considering it’s age.


Inside this jewelry box were some mis-matched earrings, trinkets, old souvenirs and some costume jewelry.

Nothing too sentimental, but I didn’t have the heart to discard it or the contents.

I’m a BIG sucker for nostalgia, but it was too “ugly” to sit on my dresser so in the closet it sat.

Recently, after reading Sarah’s post over at The Yellow Cape Cod, I decided to give this old jewelry box a new look and a chance for my girls to use it to hold their tiny, special treasures.

I started by removing all of the hardware and taping the glass area of the doors with masking tape.

I lightly spray painted the entire box, including the three little drawers I removed using an Ivory satin paint.

After about 3 good coats, here is my after.

 I also sprayed this trinket box that I found at Savers for like $4.

This box is perfect for hair accessories, jewelry, etc.

(I didn’t take this before picture, but luckily I found this on the web and it’s the exact same one)….

I used the leftover Ballerina Pink spray paint I originally used on the vintage bike, it’s such a pretty pink.

Isn’t it amazing what a little spray paint will do ???

I really love both of these jewelry/trinket boxes.

They are so pretty now and sit on my girls dresser along side their other jewelry boxes they got when they were toddlers.

( PB kids )

My girls were thrilled and so excited to fill their new jewelry boxes with their jewelry, hair accessories, trinkets, silly bands, sea shells, and whatever else they find.

And that makes this Mama SO happy.



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Have a wonderful day!


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