White wicker mirror to seashell mirror

I bought this white wicker mirror several years ago at the Christmas Tree shop for under 10 bucks.

I thought it was pretty and white wicker was HOT at the time.

White wicker may still be HOT, but I’m not a big fan of this particular mirror, so it’s been sitting in our basement.

I didn’t want to get rid the mirror because it is in great shape, {I’m a bit of a-horder }and I knew I would eventually find a way to reuse it.


Anyway, this summer has been SO busy and I haven’t spent much time being creative.

However I did just get “re-married” last week.

Well actually, my husband and I renewed our vows to each other for our 10th anniversary, and it’s been a fun, but busy month planning all the details, etc.

I have lots to post, it was just perfect.

Back to the mirror.

I was SO excited when I realized that my white wicker mirror was the PERFECT base to create my very own seashell mirror.

You know the ones I’m talking about, you can find them in just about any home decor magazine or online like these….

{ Ballard Designs $459 }

{ Pottery Barn $599 }

{ Wisteria $449 }

Stunning pieces right ?!?!

Yes, but they come with a BIG price tag and with all of the seashells we’ve collected over the years, how could I justify ?!?!

Soooo, I decided to try making one myself and I was just ecstatic to break out my glue gun.


The white wicker mirror was the perfect base since it already had the “beefy” frame which would make my mirror look “beefier” without having to use so many seashells.

{ Yeah, technical terms }

It actually didn’t take me too long, only a few hours of gluing the shells on the frame, over and over until it was covered to my liking.

Oh, and you know those stray glue gun hairs that drive you crazy ??

I just blew them away using my blow dryer!

Seriously, just wave your blow dryer over them and wah-lah, they are gone!

{ just be careful though, if you hold the blow dryer too close and for too long, the glue starts to melt and the shells will fall off }

So here is my mirror all finished.

I just adore it and love that each shell holds a memory for us.

{ now the challenge is remembering where/when/who found the shell….}

And close up…

 So that’s my mirror.

Whadda think ???

I just love it, if I do say so myself.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer, perhaps so much that you haven’t even noticed that I haven’t had a post in a while.

Blessings all.



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  1. Love your communication style and your mirror style. You seem like you’d be a great neighbor to have! Keep up the good work while having fun. God bless you.

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