Cover your books the new “old fashioned” way….

My oldest daughter Elle needed to cover some of her school books, being in 4th grade and all.

We had talked about getting book socks, but we decided to cover them the “old fashioned” way.

This is what my daughter calls covering your books using a paper bag, like her Mom (and Dad) used to do.

Then we had an even better idea…

Why not use some colorful scrapbook paper ??

 I mean, so much prettier than the “old fashioned” brown paper bag, AND much more unique than the “new fashioned” book socks.

Here is how they turned out.

Since some of her books were larger than the scrapbook paper, we cut pieces from other paper and tape it together to make it big enough.

I really love how they turned out!

Elle was thrilled and said “wow, I think I have the prettiest books Mom!”

Hope they hold up, we’ll just have to see.


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