DIY fruit topiary

I made three fruit topiary’s for my fall dining table.

I saw one recently at a fabulous local garden & gift store that I frequently go to for inspiration.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this store.

They don’t have a website, otherwise I would share a link with you.

These topiary’s were created similar to the egg topiary I did last spring.

It’s a fun project that doesn’t take too much time and the cost is reasonable.


Supplies needed:

::  varying size styrofoam cones

::  faux fruits; apples, pears, or any other you may find.

::  craft moss (green or spanish, whichever you prefer)

::  candle holders for base

::  hot glue


I started with 3 styrofoam cones I had on hand.

I found the cute little apples and pears at Michael’s, they come in little bags of about 15 or so.

( I used a 50% off coupon to keep my costs down )

I also found some fruit at Target on clearance which was perfect.

The larger apples and pears are available at the Dollar Tree, but I did have a few on hand.

I worked from the bottom up, gluing fruit all around my cone.

Because the hot glue does tend to melt the styrofoam a bit, I had to hold the fruit in place for a few seconds before moving to the next, otherwise my fruit would fall off.

Once my cone was covered to my liking, I hot glued the cone to my candle holders.

Then I hot glued moss in the spaces between my fruit to hide the styrofoam.

This way, I didn’t need to purchase as much fruit.

And that was it!

Easy right ?!?

I really love how they look on our table too.

Festive, fall and fruity!




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