Soldered glass pendants…

I’m excited about these glass pendants.

I’ve made a few for gifts last Christmas.

I also made this one for my niece last November for her baby shower.

I used the image from her baby shower invitation, I believe one of her friends hand drew this.

I added the words “wonder”, “embrace” and “love”

On the other side, I used a pictured from her ultrasound.

Do you see the baby’s face ?!?


I also added the words “life”, “miracle” and “grow”

and a little hand stamped heart stamped with MOM.

Sarah really loved her pendant.

I really enjoyed making it for her, I love anything personal and my goal was to make many more.

Maybe even add some to my Etsy shop.

( I will be updating my Etsy shop very soon with some new items in time for the holidays )

I was frustrated however, because each time I used my soldering iron, the solder would start to melt and spread, but then it just wouldn’t.

This made the process of making a single pendant VERY time-consumming and VERY frustrating.

I put all of my supplies away and kind of forgot about them, until just recently.

I was at Home Depot picking up some Mums, when I decided to look at the soldering irons.

I needed one that got hotter than mine, which was about 725 degrees.

( I know that sounds hot, but trust me, it wasn’t hot enough! )

I found a Weller 60-watt iron that claimed to heat up to 925 degrees!

I bit-the-bullet and purchased it, all the while crossing my fingers that this new tool would remedy the situation.

Guess what ??

( I bet you guessed it worked right, since this post is about soldered glass pendants ?!?!?!?! )

Yes, it worked.

I was beyond excited!  My new soldering iron melted that solder like butter.

So I got busy making some more pendants using 1″ and 1 1/4″ glass I had on-hand.

I added embellishments on some of the pendants like crystals and beads.

Now it’s actually enjoyable making pendants and frustration-free!


Here is how they turned out.


 Two of these pendants were made for upcoming fundraisers, I will talk about those fundraisers in a separate post.

All pendants are reversible, which makes them even more fun and unique!

Below, these pictures shows each pendant, side 1 and side 2, side-by-side.

So what do you think ??

Possibilities are endless;  personal photos, monograms, logos, words, maps and SO much more!

 I would LOVE any feedback, good, bad or indifferent.

Or any ideas or suggestions !

I think these would be great for gifts to use as a necklace, bracelet, ornament, sun catcher.

Thanks for stopping by!



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