Upcycled t-shirt contest ~ a boho style shrug

As I was writing my previous post on upcycled t-shirt skirts, I just happened to Google “upcycled” to make certain I was using the word correctly.

Low and behold, I came across an upcoming contest which included upcycling, sponsored by my favorite musician, Jack Johnson.

I was going to make another skirt, but then decided on something completely different.

I sketched out what was in my head (and if I showed you, you would totally LOL!).

I knew a sketch wasn’t going to get me any votes, so I decided to make it instead.

All of my materials and fabrics were from pre-owned t-shirts, and an official Jack Johnson “To the Sea” concert tee.

Here is how my Boho style shrug turned out.

( Oh, I would just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your support and your vote, here. 🙂 )

I wanted to use elements relating to Jack Johnson; a concert tee, recycling, trees, a guitar, Curious George (from the 2006 movie soundtrack).

So whatta ya think ??

I really like it.

A lot.

 I just think it’s different, eco-friendly, unique and totally rad.

Just like Jack.


Again, I would LOVE your vote, if you have a moment 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

UPDATE ~ I was a runner up in the Jack Johnson t-shirt contest and recieved concert tee’s from Brushfire Records.  I was SO excited of course.  

Thanks to all who supported me…you are the BOMB!

Linking up at The 36th Avenue.


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