An Ape invasion…

Similar to Santa’s sneaky legs last winter.

This is what we found in our fireplace just the other day….

Yup, it’s a monkey.

A Gorilla really.

A furry, flannel-wearin’ Gorilla.

He’s pretty creepy.

Even my girls were scared.

I was pretty surprised Elle got so close.

However, he’s rather tame.

He just sits there striking his “I’m so scary” pose with those big furry hands and empty eyes.

But I’m not so scared.

Nahh, He doesn’t fool me one bit.

I know exactly what makes him tick.

That’s right…it’s sticks and fluff AND a girly mannequin head.

Ohhhhh, now who’s Mister tough guy huh ?!?!?



(sorry, just having a little fun)

So, here is how our Halloween inspired Gorilla was done.

We had the hands and the mask from 2 years ago.

I knew I wanted to do something fun like the Santa legs.  Thought of doing witch legs, but then the Gorilla came to mind.

I started with 2 pieces of snow fence (sticks) we collected over the summer.

This would stabilize the arms of our Gorilla.

Next, I cut the sleeves off an outgrown flannel shirt of my sons.

Then stuffed the arms (on the sticks) and the hands with fiberfill.

I added elastics to the wrists of the shirt so the fill wouldn’t fall out.

Then added my hands.

I placed my arms beside my fireplace stove and because they were so full, they just stayed in place.

{ NOTE: if you decide to try this at home, PLEASE remove the arms, head and any other body parts BEFORE lighting a fire in your fireplace }

So, my youngest had the idea of the head.

Genius !

I grabbed my mannequin head and it worked perfectly.

{ nice job Myah!! }

Then, Myah had the idea of some cool zebra shades….

Now that’s a wicked cool Ape, don’t ya think ?!?!

Stay tuned for some more fun, creepy and festive Halloween-inspired decor.


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