DIY ~ marbled glass ornaments

We’ve got several handmade projects in the works for Christmas this year.

Mostly for gifts, so I won’t be able to share them on my blog until after Christmas.

Don’t want to spoil any surprises.

My girls and I just LOVE giving handmade gifts.

I mean, what’s better than that ?!?

Plus most people really appreciate the effort, time, thought and love that went into their special gift.

I know I totally do!

So this is a super easy and fun craft that is also very wallet & kid-friendly.

Plus, they would make great gifts, maybe in a set of three coordinating colors ?!?

Just an idea.

Maybe you have seen these floating around the web ??

If not, here is how they are done.

~ Supplies needed ~

::  clear glass ornaments (available at craft stores)

:: craft paint (assorted colors)

::  disposable cups


First, remove the metal cap from the ornament.

Next, simply squirt some paint into the ornament like so…

Swirl paint around the inside by rotating the ornament in your hand.

( I’ve also seen people use a straw to blow the paint around, but I haven’t tried that yet)

Next, add another color and rotate ornament again, spreading the paint and creating a marbled look.

You can add as many colors as you like.

As soon as the entire inside is covered, place your ornament upside down into a disposable cup to drain any excess paint.

I let ours sit overnight before putting the metal top back on our ornaments, although I don’t think all the paint was entirely dry.

Maybe you should let them dry for a couple of days just to be sure.

They came out SO pretty!

We will add some pretty ribbons and maybe even some bows.

They remind me of large marbles.

Or even those pretty bowling balls I remember from when I was a kid, when my Mom used to play on a bowling league.

**  Strike ! **

What are you working on for Christmas and the holidays ???

I would love to see !


Happy election day !

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